The 6 Best (Worst?) Fandom Mashups – You Decide!

If I had a dollar for every fandom mashup meme, comic, joke, cross-reference, or…well, anything…ever made, I’d have a lot of dollars. Kind of makes me wish that was a legitimate way to earn money. There’s a lot out there — but some mashups are better than others. Whenever you cross fandoms, you’re venturing into dangerous territory. Sometimes it’s funny. Other times it’s more like geek heresy.

Here are some of the best. And the worst. In some cases, “best” and “worst” aren’t mutually exclusive.

1.  Star Wars / Game of Thrones Fandom Mashups

fandom mashups

Looking for love in Alderaan places.


What do Game of Thrones and Star Wars have in common? You guessed it — twincest! So it’s funny because…um…incest is hilarious? At least the weird incest vibe in Star Wars was completely accidental. Luke and Leia don’t know they’re twins. That makes it very slightly less creepy when they kiss. The creepy is on a whole different level with Game of Thrones — see trollface Jaime, above.

That was a little disturbing — but this mashup is both awesome and adorable. I don’t think I’ve ever fully appreciated the difficulty of being green until now…

2.  Kermit The Frog / Green Lantern Fandom Mashup

kermit mashup


Kermit as the Green Lantern? Suddenly the Geek Multiverse makes that much more sense. This inspired mashup accompanies a news flash and a parody trailer for “The Muppets.” Actually, a full Muppet Lantern Corps would be perfect. Has anyone on the Internet thought of doing that mashup…?

3.  Muppets / Green Lantern Corps Fandom Mashup

muppet mashup


Yes. Yes, they have.  Mashup Studios, thank you for bringing this geeky mashup into the world.

Another ensemble-style mashup combines Star Wars and Avatar: the Last Airbender. The TV show, that is — not that horrible, horrible movie which ruined childhood memories of Avatar fans everywhere.

4.  Star Wars / Avatar Mashup

This is just…perfect in every way.


It’s like these two universes were made to be mashed. When Aang is airbending, it’s like he’s using the Force! And the Firebenders are all Sith Lords! There’s even a giant teddy bear!

My generation seems to have this thing for cute, cartoon monsters, actually. Take Pokemon, for instance.

5.  Pikachu / Cthulhu Fandom Mashup

“Pika-thulu, I choose you!”


You left your Pikachu and your Elder God at the Pokemon nursery, and when you came back there was an egg! I’m not sure how it got there…But this hatched.

It is a Pika-thulu stuffed animal. I can’t decide whether this is cute or terrifying. You tell me.

However, once you got over the surprise a Pokemon trainer feels at having hatched and trained a new Pokemon, you’re in for another surprise! One of your Pokemon is evolving!

6.  Doctor Who / Star Wars Fandom Mashup

Pokemon meets Star Wars meets Dr. Who.


That’s right! Your R2-D2 has evolved into a Dalek! Dalek has learned the move EXTERMINATE! Dalek wants to learn the move MASHUP, but Dalek already knows four moves. Delete a move to make room for FANDOM MASHUPS? … …Dalek forgot BLEEP-BLEEP and learned MASHUP!

The last one is my personal favorite. Not only a mashup, but a mashup of three geeky things at once.

What do you think? Do you like mashups, or do all of the above just make you groan and roll your eyes? Which is the best? Which is the worst?