Date A Geek: 5 Blow Your Mind Reasons To Do It

Geeks traditionally do not fare well in the dating pool, but maybe they have been treated too harshly. The geek personality actually has a lot to offer when it comes to relationships. Next time you are looking for a new partner, don’t dismiss that cute geek who is showing interest in you. Here are five compelling reasons to date a geek.

date a geek who listens

1. Geeks Are Good Listeners


Geeks are predominantly introverts. Although introverts might struggle to get noticed in today’s world of loud and proud extroverts, they have many great qualities that shouldn’t be overlooked. Geeks are caring, considerate and loyal. Perhaps most importantly, introverts know when to shut up and listen.  This, of course, is vital when it comes to relationship harmony.

date a geek for good company

2. Geeks Are Good Company


Geeks are happy to spend nights in with you and can provide intelligent conversation to entertain you during your downtime. Because geeks don’t need to go out partying every night to be happy, you will always have someone to come home to.  Date a geek and you won’t have to wonder about where your partner is – or who is with him. Although you might have to share a geek with his beloved console, you won’t have to worry about sharing him with other girls. And surely that is a big improvement – at least the console can be unplugged when you want your partner’s undivided attention.

date a geek who is committed

3. Committed to the Relationship


Most Geeks like stability in their personal life.  Let’s be honest, they have plenty more pressing issues to deal with such as resolving an issue with the latest version of Java, than trying to find a new love in their life. Monogamy is not even an issue because geeks are far too busy writing code to consider any other options. So pretty much like the advert said, a Geek is for life and not just for Christmas!

geeks are happy

4. Geeks Are Comfortable With Who They Are


Because geeks’ skills are very much in demand, they are able to earn a living doing what they love – tinkering with computers and networks, developing games, or pushing technological boundaries to make all our lives a little easier. People who enjoy their work describe themselves as happier and more fulfilled, and that high level of satisfaction makes them much easier to live with. Not only that, but geeks are sufficiently non-conformist that they don’t waste time trying to be someone they’re not. Wouldn’t it be nice to be free from worries about not being cool enough for your partner’s snooty friends?

date a geek for free computer repair

5. Date A Geek, Get Free Tech Support


Still not convinced that you should date a geek?  Romance is all very well, but ultimately you have to be practical. We all want partners who make our lives easier and happier, so it’s time to start prioritizing useful skills over smooth talking. It might sound cynical, but it makes sense. Why would you settle for a technophobe when dating a geek brings the added benefit of free technical support? Never let laptop-related frustration affect your relationship again: choose a partner who can come to the rescue and fix your technical gremlins. Just don’t forget to swoon to make him feel appreciated.

Now get out there and date a geek!

David Kendall contributed this guest post on behalf of Who Is Hosting This – Visit for more information on their hosting reviews. David is a freelance technology writer and his articles appear on various marketing blogs.