17 Batman Replicas: Vehicles, Batarangs, and More

Batman is undoubtedly one of the best superheroes of all time, and I think it’s safe to say that the recent trilogy of movies was mind-blowing.  These seventeen batman replicas pay tribute the the caped hero in the form of vehicles, batarangs, and more!

If you’re a Batman fan, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find something of interest.  If you don’t, then it’s probably not ridiculous to say that you don’t like Batman as much as… say… Iron Man.  Just because he gets the ladies doesn’t make him awesome.

batman replicas

Batcycle and Batpod Replicas

1.  Homemade Batpod Replica

batman replica


This Batpod replica was built by a guy in Vietnam named Tung Lam.  The awesome part?  The whole thing only cost him $480!  Bruce Wayne spends that much on a hamburger, so I’m starting to think that Batman doesn’t have the economic sense that we thought he did.

2.  Sleek Lay-Down Batcycle Replica

batman replica


Can you even begin to imagine how awesome it would feel to be flying along the highway at high speeds on this thing?  Lying down in some sick kind of motorcycle gear (that hopefully protects against fatal crashes). This is actually my favorite Batcycle replica out of all of the pieces on this list, and that’s really saying something.

3.  Batpod Replica

batman replica


This incredible replica of the batpod actually looks like the one from the movie, but that’s not even the best part: it’s street legal.  By street legal, I mean that the guy rode it around and didn’t get arrested, which means that it’s legal enough for me.  Got stopped by a police officer for riding a motocross bike in my subdivision: true story.

4.  Batpod On Steroids

batpod replica


This version of Batman’s batpod looks awesome, but not quite how it did in the movie.  That’s not a bad thing, though, since this looks like the offspring of a batpod and Optimus Prime / some kind of war tank.  The only criticism I have to offer is that the image quality is poor, and you think that you’d make sure you had a high-res image after spending a ton of time making a Batman replica this intense.

5.  Batcycle and Sidecar Batman Replica

batman replica


This is a 1966 Yamaha motorcycle that has been converted into the famous Batcycle and sidecar combo.  Yes, there is a go-kart in the sidecar, and yes, you’re going to let me drive next to you when we’re on the freeway.  If the smaller vehicle doesn’t go fast enough to keep up, we have a solution: rocket engines.

Batmobile Replicas

6.  1989 Batmobile Replica

batman replica


This awesome Batmobile replica is of Batman’s mode of transportation way back when in 1989.  It is an exact replica of the one in the movie, and runs on a 350 Chevy block engine, which isn’t huge, but you don’t need to go fast when you’re driving one of these to look cool.

7.  Awesome 1966 Batmobile Replica

1966 batmobile replica


I’m generally a fan of muscle cars from the late 60’s, so you can imagine how pumped I am about this particular Batmobile replica.  It is licensed by DC and was created by Fiberglass Freaks, but that’s not all: this car has a “rocket exhaust flame thrower.”  And that’s the story behind how your house got burned down while you at the lake house with the kids.

8.  Batman and Robin Batmobile Replica

batman and robin batmobile


Jay Brett is the mastermind behind this particular Batman vehicle, which looks like it could simultaneously impale three objects if you tried hard enough.  And believe me – if I ever get my hands on this Batmobile from Batman and Robin, we will do moronic things with it.  WHO DARES TO TICKET BATMAN?  “Sir, please step out of the car.”  YOU CANNOT STOP JUSTICE *speeds away and hits a fire hydrant*

9.  Batman Begins Tumbler Replica

tumbler batmobile replica


The Tumbler from Batman Begins immediately became my favorite vehicle that has ever been in the movies.  (Until I saw the most recent Batship, I might add.)  It may not be as aerodynamic as a batpod, but who needs to be aerodynamic when you’re billionaire who can run over enemies in a tank that goes 90 miles per hour?

10.  This One Nearly Got a Parking Ticket

batman replica


While this Batman replica is very similar to the 1989 replica featured earlier, it is in fact a different car, and it has a story behind it.  This was at a comic convention, and an officer tried to ticket it for illegal parking.  Of course, Batman didn’t get a ticket, but it was just an embarrassing circumstance for everybody.  “Cool story, bro.”  I hate it when  people say that.

Batarang Replicas

11.  Realistic Batarang Replicas

batman replica


These are legitimate, metal, five-inch-long batarangs.  No, you can’t actually use them to fight people, because ou are not Batman.  Regardless of how much crime you may are may not be able to stop, these metal batarangs are surely, as they say, “the bomb.”

12.  Golden Batarang Replica

batarang replica


This Batarang replica is very similar in shape and size to the one shown above it, but this one is specifically from The Dark Knight Rises movie.  An incredible addition to any Batman collection, for sure!

13.  Robin’s Batarang

batman replica


This limited edition batarang replica is of one belonging to the Boy Wonder!  Yes, it would be much more awesome if Robin had bird-shaped projectiles, but this is what was featured in the movie.  Before: robins fly into your window and hit their faces, trying to kill their own reflections.  Now: metal robins smash your windows and pierce your body.  Welcome to the future!  RELEASE THE GIANT LIZARDS.

14.  Batman and Robin Batarang

batman replica


This is Batman’s counterpart of the Robin batarang shown above – both of these creations were featured in the movie Batman and Robin.  What an awesome Batman replica!  The ice in the frame really adds something special, don’t you think?  “Yep.  Way to keep my booze cold.”  You’re such a redneck.

15.  Arkham Asylum Batarang

batman replica


While this Arkham Asylum Batarang replica may appear to be extremely dangerous, it’s actually just a very hefty piece of plastic.  Not implying that it’s cheap, just implying that it’s more for display than ruining evil plots.  Many have said that it could do some big damage if you throw it hard enough, but that can be said about anything.  This Nexus 7?  If I launch it at you fast enough, I bet we could make some magic happen.

Other Gear

16.  Bat Cuffs Replica

batman replica


Batcuffs are, in my opinion, the classiest way to get arrested.  It almost gives you an excuse – you thought I was going to run from Batman?  What are you nuts?  He’s got an airplane the size of a small apartment building, man.

17.  Batman’s Grapple Gun

batman grapple gun replica


No, this replica of Batman’s grapple gun does not actually serve any purpose, but it looks awesome and could become a makeshift melee weapon in emergencies.  My mantra regarding Halo’s plasma pistol: you don’t use it to shoot things.  You use it because it feels so good to punch ObnoxXxXiousgam3r420 in the face.  Call me a virtual sadist if you want, but I’d bet that the vast majority of you identify with that feeling.