20 Incredible Kid Cosplays: Little Geeks

Last month we saw another successful San Diego Comic Con come and go, and with it an abundance of wonderful cosplays of those in attendance. Kid Cosplays can be incredibly easy to mess up, but when it’s done right then it’s friggen awesome. Now, kids are far more adorable than adults, as a general rule of thumb, but this goes double for kids cosplaying. There’s just something about a kid dressed as their favorite superhero or any Star Trek character that can make the most sane adult want to flail around and scream.

Here are twenty amazing Kid Cosplays done by children.

1.  Bite-Sized Ewok

Kid Cosplays Ewok

What’s cuter than a baby dressed up in an Ewok costume? Absolutely nothing, that’s what! While many cosplays are homemade, you can luckily buy this costume for your own tyke over at Costume Express.

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2.  Super Grover and Mini Batgirl Kid Cosplays

It’s hard to pick which one is more lovable, cute, and furry… well, okay, maybe not furry, but when it comes to cute it sure is hard to pick between Super Grover and this adorable Batgirl. Imagine if those two teamed up to fight crime! They’d battle the forces of evil with their combined powers of adorableness.

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3.  Pint Sized Tintin


This pint sized Tintin is ready for any adventures that comes his way! While it looks like his costume was most likely assembled by his (awesome) parents, you can buy your own version of TinTin Snowy Plush over on ebay.

4.  The Old Man From UP

The only thing that would make this picture even better is if this kid had a dog wearing a cone of shame with him. Let’s just hope this tiny Carl doesn’t get carried away by his own balloons!

5.  Sailor Jupiter Kid Cosplay

The Sailor Moon franchise has been over for a while now, so it’s always great to see that young kids still know what a Sailor Scout is. This Sailor Jupiter is ready to kick some serious butt. I especially love the green converse; a classy substitute for those pesky high heels Sailor Jupiter always wore.

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6.  Baby Dalek

Exterminate? More like ADORABLE-NATE. I’d let this baby Dalek take over the universe any day!

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7.  Wee Avengers Kid Cosplays

Wee Avengers assemble! These three kids are perfect as Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. All they’re missing are tiny versions of Natasha, Clint, Bruce, and Nick, and the gang would be ready to save the universe – or at least avenge it.

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8.  Zelda and Link

Zelda and Link are without a doubt two of the most overdone kid cosplays around. Even so, nothing quite beats a properly done Zelda cosplay, especially when it’s two awesome kids properly dressing for the part.

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9.  Fantastic Mr. Fox Kid Cosplay

Possibly the most random, but the most unique and wonderful child cosplay I’ve ever come across. All you need is a fox tail and a mask with ears, and just about anyone can become Ash from The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

10.  Evil Dead Cosplay


I’ve never seen any of the Evil Dead films, but I know a great cosplay when I see one, and this is one hell of a cosplay. With a chainsaw arm in tow, I’d hate to be a Deadite that runs into this kid.

11.  Ms. Captain America Kid Cosplay

Move over boys, there’s a new Captain in town! This kid manages to take the Captain America costume and reboot it with style, while still keeping the main colors, look, and theme that the Captain has on his outfit.

12.  Baby Flash: Look At That Face

Hold on tight to this one, dad! This baby Flash is sure to speed away any second now… but maybe after he’s taken his nap first.

13.  Princess Darth Still Force Chokes The Staff

A fairy princess Darth Vader? I’m not really sure where this idea came from. All I know is it’s the most fabulous thing I’ve ever seen.

14.  Voltron Kid Cosplay

Okay, looking at this picture you just know that some person has been waiting for years on end until they had a kid of their own to dress up in a Voltron costume. Luckily for that parent, their waiting definitely paid off.  She’s rocking a standout among kid cosplays!

15.  Adorable Little Harry Potter Child

Something wickedly adorable this way comes! This little Harry Potter puts Daniel Radcliffe and Darren Criss’s portrayals of the boy who lived to shame.

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16.  Little Sister: (The Editor’s Personal Favorite)

Oh hey. Look. A child dressed as a Little Sister from Bioshock 2. Great. Yeah. I’m totally not going to have nightmares for the next couple weeks. Nope. No nightmares whatsoever. (Gotta be glad she doesn’t have a Big Daddy with her at least.)

17.  Child Predator Cosplay – Awkward Wording

Speaking of little kid cosplays that are sure to give you nightmares, this child Predator is particularly horrifying. That being said, it’s also one of the most badass things you’ll ever see.

18.  Old Buds Chummin’ It Up

I doubt Peter Parker and Eddie Brock were ever this chummy with one another. It’s safe to say, at the least, they were never as adorable as this bonding Spiderman and Venom duo.

19.  Superman Kid Cosplay


Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s baby Superman! Seriously, add a tie and glasses to any toddler and you’ve got instant adorableness.

20.  Hobbit Cosplay

Hobbits are a naturally short species, so I guess it only makes sense to dress your kid up as one as often as possible while they’re still young enough to not have any say in how you dress them each day of their life. They may resent you for it later in life though, especially if you wait until they get to high school and post all of the pictures of them as hobbits on their Facebook wall for all their friends to see.

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Special Surprise!

Bonus picture!

We may not be able to see the front of this kid’s costume, but the red shirt and suspenders give him away as Mal from Firefly. Of course, Nathan Fillion being there helps to deduct the costume as well.

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