10 Geekiest Toys of 2012

The best toys of 2012 also happen to be some of the geekiest toys yet, especially with technology developing at such a rapid rate.  There’s an inner geek in all of us, regardless of age.  Whether you’re 97 years old and into antique toaster ovens, or a 6 year old that loves stuffing beetles into a jar to collect, you’re never going to be too young or too old to have something to geek out over.

Geekiest Toys – 2012



geekiest toys of 2012


These tiny, incredible little circuit boards fuel the inner nerdy scientist in all of us, even if our inner nerdy scientist doesn’t really know anything about science. littleBits might seem complicated when you first check them out, but the beauty of them is that they’re absolutely, fantastically, simple. Each circuit board, when connected, performs a unique function-such as lighting up in response to pressure, or a little light bulb dimming.

You’re probably wondering just how you connect them though… is it wiring? Programming? Thankfully, none of the above. littleBits are connected when all you do is snap two magnets together. Basically, if you’re looking for a little bit of geeky fun, sneaking off to your fake secret laboratory with a box of these circuit boards is a lovely way to go about having some.

Minecraft Foam Sword

top toys of 2012


For all you Minecraft fans out there, there isn’t anything a whole lot better than having a real live Minecraft sword all your own! Ok, there’s probably a bunch of other sweet Minecraft things you could dream up and want, but hey, a sword isn’t a bad deal. Granted this is an iron foam sword, not a gold one or anything, but there are still one hundred and one awesome ways to use it. You could wake up and butter your toast with it (because using your Minecraft sword first thing in the morning is a good start to any day.)

You could use it to keep the likes of your creepy neighbor who is obsessive over having a better garden than you at bay, or you could even pretend there is a hoard of Zombie Pigmen headed your way and use your sword to battle them off. Crafted with sturdy EVA foam and an officially licensed Minecraft collectible, this is a prime time geek toy.

Mega Bloks World of Warcraft

top toys of 2012


Finally, we have an extensive way to bring the thrill of WoW to real life. Mega Bloks World of Warcraft series features all of our favorite things in Warcraft in detailed, impressive block form. Mega Bloks actually worked directly with the masterminds behind World of Warcraft to ensure that they developed accurate and awesome representations of the online world. These blocks may seem effortlessly nerdy, but after watching the video behind what went into them you realize the magnitude of the effort that went into bringing WoW to life. It’s a job that one has to take very seriously.

That being said, it’s a bunch of adults clustered around a drawing board and discussing the best way to turn a dwarf mounted hippogriff into blocks. But that’s why we love toys like this, right? No-but it’s still funny to think about.

Team Fortress 2 Baloonicorn

top toys of 2012


It’s 3 feet tall, it’s inflatable, it’s magical, it’s…the Team Fortress 2 Baloonicorn! Wait, you don’t know what a Baloonicorn is? Are you a Team Fortress fan or not? Ok well if you’re not, here’s a little background info…the ‘Meet The Pyro’ video for Team Fortress 2 was eagerly anticipated, and when it was finally released, fans got to witness something amazing-and this was the creation of the Baloonicorn.

It’s a giant, pink, unicorn that frolics through the land of candy and happiness that the Pyro sees behind his treacherous mask. Now it is available as an inflatable beastie for fans of Team Fortress to collect-or just fans of things giant, cute, and inflatable. Or just for people who are fans of being trendy and cool.


top toys of 2012


Sphero is geekiness at its coolest. It is the ultimate little robot toy that all of us geeks (and non geeks) dream about, short of having an actual robot that walks around and fetches you lemonade whenever you ask. Why lemonade? I don’t know, but you get the point. Back to Sphero. Basically, it’s a little round sphere that can be controlled via smartphone.  Swing your phone, tilt it, or gesture, and Sphero responds accordingly. Encased in an impact resistant polycarbonate shell, Sphero is ready for any trick or maneuver you’re ready to perform.

With a plethora of apps coming out, game play is always fresh and exciting. Who needs extra apps, though, when you can simply weave Sphero through people’s feet and watch their faces?

Mt. Fuji- Kun Plush

top toys of 2012


Ah, Japanese toys. They turn anything into something with a cute face. Apparently, their most famous mountain is no exception. This adorable plush version of Mt. Fuji is so very, very, dorky and yet so very, very desirable. How can you resist the cute face? The fat squat body? The Sakura detailing on the back? The answer is you can’t resist. I don’t care if you’re a middle aged man or a 7 year old girl-everyone deserves (and secretly wants) a Mt. Fuji-Kun plush toy.


geekiest toys of 2012


The sketRobo is a neat little robot with one very particular, advanced skill set-drawing. These guys can draw what they ‘see’ apparently, using face recognition and motion detecting technology to create art. They’re set to be shipped in September of 2012 at a very affordable price (a relief, since something like this could also cost boatloads of money.) If you ever get one, make sure to set it out when you have guests over. Don’t say a word beforehand. As soon as they walk into the room and see this quiet little automaton sketching away, you will officially become the coolest geeky host ever.

Crayola Digital Light Designer

top toys of 2012


Crayola, you’ve done it again. Once again, you allow us to bring our imaginations to life in ways we never thought possible. This time, it’s in such a way that it caters to a person’s inner nerd. This time, we get to draw with pixels. Colored LED lights on a domed drawing surface are the new crayons on paper, and much more. You can save up to 50 or your masterpieces on the Digital Light Desginer and alter them using different techniques and visual effects such as melting, spinning, and image mix-up. Not only that, but you can draw in the dark, and come out with something that isn’t just a shapeless blob but rather a neat work of art.  And now you see why it is on the Geekiest Toys list!

iCade 8-Bitty

top toys of 2012


In 2011 we were introduced to the iCade-a device which allows you to turn your iPad into an arcade style game cabinet perfect for retro games. Now, we have the iCade 8-Bitty, a wireless controller that allows us to turn just about any smart device into an awesome retro-style arcade. Pocket-sized, this controller can be whipped out anytime and anywhere retro gaming is needed.

Portal Gun Replica

top toys of 2012


Portal people, now is a most exciting time. We finally have an awesome replica of the Portal Gun! Clutching this awesome weapon makes you feel like you’ve landed yourself smack dab in the middle of the game. Sadly, there are only 5,000 of them being released. Regardless of how many there are though, they all have the same fantastic features. Distinctive blue and orange LED lights and sound effects that correspond are just some of them. This replica is also weighted, so you can set it down without a stand when need be and easily grab it when you’re once again ready for action.

This guest post was put together by Julia from BestToysGuide.com.