10 Adorable Pikachu Watches To Make You Smile

Since the creation of Pokemon back in 1996, boys, girls, men, and women have been in love with Pikachu: the little chubby yellow pocket monster that holds incredible electrical power!  Pikachu clothes, toys, and accessories aren’t too difficult to come by, but here we have compiled a list of 10 adorable Pikachu themed watches.

1.  Pink Leather Strap Pikachu Watch


adorable pikachu watch


This watch is for the girl or lady that loves a feminine look while she’s displaying her love for the adorable little Pokemon. This analog watch features a picture of Pikachu on the dial with his arms raised and looking as happy as ever.

2.  Takara Tomy Pocket Monsters Pikachu Watch


pikachu watch


This digital watch features a more aggressive looking Pikachu, mid-fight with lightning bolt details on the dial and on the yellow rubber strap.

3.  Pokemon Digital Sports Watch


pikachu watch


This black, rubber strapped, digital watch has quartz accuracy as well as a red, yellow, and blue detailed dial.  The bezel features a happy, jumping Pikachu just above the digital display.

4.  Pokemon Black & White Digital Watch


pikachu watch


This Pikachu watch is a bright yellow, rubber strapped digital watch that is perfect for kids.  It features red lettering and lightning bolt details on the strap, plus a super happy-looking Pikachu jumping out of the dial!

5.  Multi Strap Pokemon Watch


pikachu watch


Mix and match your straps with this digital watch featuring Ash and his Pokeball on the dial. The red strap says “Gotta catch ‘em all!”, the green strap is Bulbasaur themed, the orange strap is Charmander themed, and the yellow strap is Pikachu themed with thunderbolts!

6.  Pokemon Twist & Flip Watch


pikachu watch


A fully reversible Pokemon themed watch, with a Pokeball side and a reverse that features a selection of our favourite characters and our favourite little Pikachu on the digital display dial.

7.  Kids Yellow Strap Wrist Watch


pikachu watch


This is one of the cutest watches in our selection, with a bright yellow rubber strap that has a 3D detailing of Pikachu’s face! The stainless steel case houses a white dial featuring Pika himself as well as orange and yellow hands.

8.  Pikachu Metal Sport Watch


pikachu watch


A smarter stainless steel bracelet type of watch that women of all ages could wear, with a yellow dial that features Pikachu’s smiling face and rosy cheeks! Far more subtle than the rest of the watches, but equally as cute.

9.  Talking Pikachu Watch


pikachu watch


If it wasn’t adorable enough just to look at this watch’s funky design, this digital watch features cute animations and sound effects when you check the time! It’s like having your own pet Pikachu on your wrist!

10.  Pikachu Metal Sports Watch


pikachu watch


Another metallic bracelet strap watch, but this time with a blue dial and an action shot of a smiling jumping Pikachu and the Pokemon logo. Cute, yet subtle, and great if you’re a bit older and watch a watch that you can be taken slightly more seriously in!

Written by Chris – Blogger for The Watch Hut