10 Brilliant Pieces of Gummy Bear Art

Gummy bears are good for eating, bad for you, and mildly attractive to intoxicated individuals.  (What?)  The point is that we’re not using gummy bears to their full potential.  Hence, gummy bear art!

Sure, we could just eat them, but why not use them as friends?  As coworkers?  As role models for society?  These ten brilliant pieces of gummy bear art have taken the average American shopper average gummy bear and turned it into something worth looking at!  (No, nobody has turned a gummy bear into a Kardashian.  Yet.)

 1.  Read: Female Joker Schemes In New Gummy Bear Dress

gummy bear fashion


Is this lady scary or is this lady scary?  Correct answer: I peed myself.  In other news, there’s no way I wouldn’t have worn this gummy bear dress if somebody ever asked me to prom.  “I can’t imagine why nobody ever wanted to go to prom with you.”  That’s not entirely true – one girl wanted me to ask her, but as soon as I got close enough to engage in social interaction I had the uncontrollable urge to pretend that I was a carrot.

2.  Gummy Bear Art: Chandelier Hangs Ominously Above

gummy bear creation


This gummy bear chandelier seems improbable, at least when I draw from my past experiences with gummy bears.  Wouldn’t the lights get hot enough to melt these tasty treats?  I would have to bet that the light was only turned on for a short amount of time for the picture of this gummy bear art, and that nobody had the heartlessness to melt all of these gummy bears without them being in my mouth.

3.  Artificial Child Wears Artificial Suit

gummy bear creation


This is almost as creepy as the woman in the gummy bear dress, who is probably married to Tim Burton.  Definition of Tim Burton: the only man who can make nine-year-old children look creepy.  I’m not sure why the designer chose to let the hands have melted gummy bears on them, and it adds an odd effect that gives me that funny feeling in my stomach.  *Turns away*  Never mind, I mistook artistic sense for the need to vomit.  “IT’S ON MY SHOES.”

4.  Ram Made of Gummy Bears

gummy bear creation


While this may, at first glance, appear to be the deformed offspring of a horse and some tropical insect, it is in fact this animal we refer to as a “ram.”  Nobody likes rams, though, since we would all much rather swoon over the all-powerful mastodon.  “The mastodon is extinct.”  Oh, yeah?  Then what do you call THIS!  “WHERE DID YOU GET A MASTODON?”  Made it in a petri dish while I was growing children.

5.  Frighteningly Delicious Gummy Skull

gummy bear art


While this piece of gummy bear art didn’t have its picture taken in the best light, there’s still a chance for us to appreciate its awesomeness.  Bask in its light, if you will.  I need to get rid of my farmer’s tan anyway, since I’ve been hard at work harvesting the corn from this year’s growing season.  “You live in the city.”  Community vegetable garden.  No big deal, except IT’S AWESOME.  I stepped on and killed almost grew some tomatoes this season.

6.  Even Gladiators Have Soft Sides

gummy bear art gladiator helmet


Gladiators have helmets that will protect them from sword blows, but this helmet will protect you from nothing but diet and exercise.  The more you eat, the worse you feel, and the less you need to exercise!  Then you’ll be like me and get to ride your butt-cheeks in those motorized wheelchairs at Disney World and get to the front of the line.

7.  Colorful Gummies

gummy bear art


This is an ingenious use of gummy bears!  While it probably was not that difficult to create, the colors make my eyes smile.  I would guess that some of the bears had to be custom made, since I’ve never seen these colors in real life.  Million dollar idea: make gummy bears that are rainbow colored and sell them to unsuspecting children at high prices.

8.  Gummy Dinosaur Sculptures

gummy bear art


This is the most adorable piece of gummy bear art ever created, and stegosauruses are the most awesome dinosaurs ever brutally murdered by environmental conditions.  A note about the orange gummy dinosaur: it seems that the guy’s neck is a bit long, and I can imagine a snake crawling out of its body.  Imaginaaaaaaationnnnnnn.

9.  Gummy Bear Periodic Table

gummy bear art


Chemistry – not fun.  Gummy bears – fun.  Chemistry with gummy bears?  Still not fun.  Anything that has to do with math is not fun for two reasons: math isn’t fun.  “You only gave one reason.”  Ooooooh someone’s a smarty pants.  Let me put you in the accelerated track with the other kids thirty-year-old men who can count.

10.  Gummy Bear Joker May Or May Not Be Ronald McDonald

gummy bear art


This is a gummy bear version of Joker.  By that, I mean that it’s a gummy bear version of Ronald McDonald with green hair.  The guy is creepy in real life, but when made entirely of gummy bears, he’s just unnatural.  Side note: the creator of this piece accidentally gave Joker a mullet the first time he made the hair.  70’s Joker for the win.