10 Coolest Pieces of Geeky Jewelry in the World

Sometimes being a geek to the core just isn’t enough. Some days we have to show the world just how geeky we really are. Geeky jewelry is a wonderful sort of self expression. It can help a person illustrate just how they want the rest of the world to perceive them, be that as elegant, spunky, bold, colorful, or, in this case, geeky.

Here are ten geektastic pieces of jewelry for your personal enjoyment.


1. Sterling Silver @ Sign Pendant


Geeky Necklace

Nothing says “I’m a classy person” like a sterling silver pendant, so why not kick it up a notch and get an @ sign pendant. If you’re lucky you can loop it through a USB cable and wear it as a necklace!


2. Geeky Jewelry: Mac Earrings

Geek Jewelry Power On Earrings


Grab all the attention when you’re out on the town next Saturday night while wearing these Mac power button earrings. With earrings like these, wherever you go you’re sure to be the center of attention and turn on just about anyone. (Ba dum tss!)


3. There Is No Try Bracelet

Geek Bracelet There is no try


Make our favorite green jedi master proud by brandishing this Star Wars bracelet on your wrist every now and again. Not only is it a really great piece of advice to follow, but it might help you finally get the hang of those Jedi mind tricks you’ve been working so hard on mastering.


4. Ctrlz Shortcut Necklace

Ctrl + Z Geek Jewelry


Time travel has yet to be created, unfortunately, rendering mankind still unable to travel back in time and fix the mistakes of the past. Lucky for us, computers allow us to constantly go back and fix previous mistakes with the click of two buttons, and you can remind the world of that with this Ctrl + z necklace.

Let’s just hope that in ten years you can exchange it for a Time Turner. Speaking of which…


5. Time Turner Necklace

Time Turner Geeky Necklace


Later this month may be the fifth year anniversary of when the Harry Potter books came to a close, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still honor our favorite wizard’s story. This Time Turner is the perfect gift for any fan still in mourning for the tales end, wishing they could go back in time when Harry’s adventures were still being published.


6. Science Symbol Necklace

Geek Jewelry


We geeks and nerds can embrace the fact that we live in an age where science has begun to seem cooler than it once was. With this science symbol necklace, show the world that you’re a science nerd and proud of it.

In the words of Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman, “Yeah science!!!”


7. Circuit Board Earrings

Circuit Board Geek Jewelry


My ex-roommate actually made some of these on her own, so if you happen to have a broken computer lying around I would suggest a fun craft project, if you’ve got the time to spare. If you don’t have the time, or if you’re lazy like me, then you could always purchase your own circuit board earrings over on Etsy.


8. D20 earrings

Geeky Jewelry D20 Earrings


Be the Dungeon Master of your own life with these D&D dice earrings. Now if you happen to run into any trouble in your day-to-day life, just roll one of your earrings to see if it’s of any help. (Or you could always just chuck it at whatever’s causing you strife. That might work… Unless it’s a bear. Then you probably shouldn’t.)


9. Nyan Cat Necklace


Nyan Cat Geek Jewelry

If you’ve been looking for a good excuse to run around singing “Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan” to everyone that you know, then I think I found your solution.


10. USB Stick Leather Braided Bracelet

Geeky Jewelry USB Bracelet


Keep all your important computer files always on hand – literally! – with his USB flashstick bracelet. You’ll never have to worry about losing another flashstick when you’ve got this little trick up your sleeve.

Thanks to CGT’s premier Guest Author, Julia,  for another awesome article!  I challenge you to find geeky jewelry cooler than these 10 pieces!