Eleven Doctor Who Shoes: Allons-y All Stars

The good thing about a fandom with a large fanbase is that there’s plenty of room for creativity, and the Doctor Who fan community may be one of the most creative ones out there!  They’ve mastered the art of cosplay (even pulling off tricky costumes like Daleks and the Tardis) as well as dominating fanart.  They’ve created Adipose earrings, stellar T-shirts, and adorable Doctor plushies.  Yes, Doctor Who fans are certainly creative!  There isn’t anything they simply cannot manage – or, rather, create.

One creative outlet that seems to continually be popping up all over the internet in support of the Who-Verse are Doctor Who themed shoes. Sounds crazy, but they’re actually pretty fantastic, brilliant, and cool (as 9, 10, and 11 would say).

Here are eleven Doctor Who themed shoes for your enjoyment; a shoe for every doctor.


doctor who shoes


Tardis shoes seem to be the most popular of the Doctor Who shoes you’ll find, as all you need are blue sneakers, a black pen, and some white out. Nonetheless, Tardis shoes are always extremely awesome, and these ones definitely are top notch. They can be viewed here at the creator’s deviantart.



Here are another cool pair of Tardis shoes, this time in the form of TOMS. TOMS seem  to be increasing in popularity as of right now, so you may want to grab yourself a pair while you still can!



Another pair of Tardis shoes, but with a delightful twist to them. Perfect footwear for anyone whose first Doctor was 11 (you never forget your first Doctor). The shoe is available in both male and female sizes.



You can’t get much classier than Doctor Who high heels. While these aren’t entirely Tardis high heels, they do show a nice picture of the Tardis whizzing around through all of space and time, which is still pretty stylin’.



A combination of both the Tardis and a Dalek on this pair of shoes. I can’t help but wonder if the Dalek is standing on Earth while the Tardis flies away from it, shaking its tentacles in fury inside of its metal casing as it bellows, “EXTERMINATE.”


Another pair of shoes with the Tardis and a Dalek on them, but with a few distinct differences. These custom painted All Stars are somewhat simpler, as they are sans landscape, but the tinted blue behind them are just brilliant (are those gallifreyan letters of the alphabet I detect?).



This particular pair of shoes harkens back to the episode ‘Vincent and the Doctor’. These Van Gogh flats are the perfect gift to anyone who truly adored the loveliness of that episode, or happens to admire both Doctor Who and art history.



Proof that simplicity is sometimes the best way to go. Take a pair of ordinary shoes, just add some letters and bows, and bam. Amazing shoes.



My personal favorite pair of Doctor Who shoes that I came across in my search. Unfortunately, it seems that the creator is sold out of them in their etsy store, but let’s hope that more will be available sometime in the foreseeable future. Quick, someone jump into a Tardis and tell me how long it is I have to wait until I can purchase some of these for my own!



These shoes are a wonderful tribute to the 10th Doctor, not just because 10’s face is plastered on the side of one shoe, but also because it is a reference to the red sneakers that 10 always wore.


doctor who shoes

Who wouldn’t want to wear ballerina flats with the faces of possibly the most dangerous creations in all of the universe on them… in glitter?

Thanks to Julia for putting together this article – that eleven shoes eleven doctors idea was the hum-diggity ring-dingity bomb.