5 Reasons Why You Should Enter the Print Express Comic Book Competition

comic book competition


UPDATE: Extended to first week of September 2012

Do you see yourself as the next Hergé or Stan Lee? Do you spend hours locked away penning new comic storylines and devising superheros, heroines, damsels in distress and other unique characters? If you are now screaming, ‘This is me!’ then the new competition from Print Express could be for you. All you need to do is send off your comic in PDF form and if you win, you will receive five professionally printed books of your very own comic. So why should you enter this fabulous competition? Well, just in case you really need to ask, here are five great reasons your PDF should be on the way to Print Express now…

1.  Makes a great portfolio piece

When it comes to creative professions and publishing houses, forget the interview skills, the fancy qualifications, and the impressive CV. The thing that really makes you stand out is an impressive portfolio. It is a great tool in which you can show off your skills and present your talents to employers in a way very difficult to do through an interview or CV alone.  It also expresses your personality and style of design and animation that shows who you are and what you are good at. Imagine what you could do with a beautifully printed book of your own ideas, concepts and designs…

2.  Great for networking

There is nothing better when talking to like-minded comic fanatics than saying, ‘Here’s my own comic book, take a look’ before handing them a perfect bound, professional printed publication. If you win the comp you will be able to do this, at comic conventions, at job interviews, from the rooftops and even the bus if you really want to. You never know who you are going to meet and having something as impressive as this to show people you meet through life could even bag you that dream job.

3.  Something to look back on

That old saying, ‘It’s something to show the grandkids,’ couldn’t be more spot on in this case. Even if you design comics for nothing but your own enjoyment with no plans to publish or get into the industry professionally, this will be an amazing keepsake you can look at in years to come and show your friends and family.

4.  Will help build your business

Many designers are self-employed and find it difficult to build up a trustworthy reputation and a loyal customer base. This is a sure fire way to get your business noticed and a fantastic achievement to build a reputable company on. Although you may not specialise in comic illustrations this will be an element of your business and you can promote all your services with both your printed comic books and your new found name as a winner of a coveted prize. It also shows potential clients what you are capable of and also that you have been noticed enough to win a prize for your work. People always like to work with ‘award winning’ professionals. This will be along the same lines and could put your business above the competition.

5.  You’ll get people talking

Print Express is a large and very popular company which has a huge number of website hits every day. Imagine your name being splashed across their pages for all to see, we can’t think of a better name to get yourself out there. Comic, illustration and graphic design blogs will pick up on your win, as they have already have about the competition. Before long your name will be known in the circuits and you will have a far better chance at getting your work published, along with your nifty little books of course.

Check out Print Express’ blog for full details of the competition, and good luck to all artistic geeks!

This guest post was put together by my good friend Oli, who thinks I’m an awesome guy.  No, he didn’t approve this added byline, but I’m sure he would concur with my prior statement.