10 DeviantArt Delights [Week #2]

DeviantArt is one of the greatest places to find some upcoming artists and their awesome works of geeky art, and that’s why we have the 10 DeviantArt Delights series of posts.  This week we have another killer set of art, and I think you’ll like what you find.  You’ll also like what you find under my shirt, but that’s off limits for right now.  At least until I take a shower/ use duct tape to wax it.

1.  How To Train Your Dragon Necklace

toothless necklace

Title: Toothless necklace

DeviantArtist: AlviaAlcedo

If you haven’t watched How To Train Your Dragon, then you don’t understand the cuteness of this little guy!  You also don’t understand my perfect combination of sexy and cute, which involves a couple of ripe oranges stuffed in my shirt and my hair slicked back like I’m from the 50’s.  “Lookin’ good, my friend, looking good.”

2.  Mario Fire Flower is Physically Fit

mario fire flower

Title: So Hot

DeviantArtist: NaBHaN

The Mario Fire Flower is the best at what it does when it comes to being a hot piece of vegetation.  All of the other flowers are jealous, and they wish they could be my friend.  Just like all of you – jelous of my good looks and wishing that you were my friend.  “Not at all.”  Don’t lie, you silly potatoes.

3.  When The Teacher Becomes The Student

phoenix life cycle

Title: Life Cycle

DeviantArtist: ramy

This t-shirt design from TeeTurtle adresses the real problem of the Phoenix life cycle.  What happens when the elder becomes so old that is becomes the small bird that it once was?  That would be a very awkward moment for everyone, but it’s a small price to pay for being immortal.

4.  Building a Rainbow

rainbow generator

Title: Rainbow generator

DeviantArtist: k3-studio

This is an awesome demonstration of how our brilliant new technologies can build rainbows with a bunch of wind-powered pieces of technology.  It’s a cool depiction of something that is an everyday phenomenon in rainy places, or in places where your sadness creates moisture.

 5.  Umbreon, Espeon, and Eevee

johto eeveelution

Title: Johto Eeveelution Strike!!

DeviantArtist: AbusoRugia 

The creator of this art piece knows that Eevee does not evolve into Umbreon or Espeon, but they wanted to keep with their series of pieces entitled Eeveelution, so they chose to do so.  This is an awesome depiction of a couple of my favorite Pokemon  under the moonlight, and I was extremely excited to share it with you.  My dog was extremely excited to share its territory with you, and that’s why he peed all over your carpet.

6.  Cute Fuzzballs In Big Coats

cute boggart

Title: shirt inspection

DeviantArtist: Apofiss

This is an adorable picture of a little fuzzy guy in the coat of a bigger fuzzy guy, and I love it.  This makes me want to get another hamster, since my last one didn’t fare so well when it tried to climb its cage and escape.  YOU  CAN’T ESCAPE MY CLUTCHES.  GIVE ME HUGS.

7.  Aang Made From Paper

paper aang

Title: Aang paperchild

DeviantArtist: tavington 

This Aang created from paper reminds me of that series of pictures where drawings were set on top of normal environments to create crazy images like panda rainbows on moutains.  Other crazy things on my bucket list: jumping off of a building in a squirrel suit and flying low enough to steal peoples’ hats, plus eating sherbert.

8.  Puffy Pizza Balls of Fun

pizza balls

TitleEasy as hell pizza balls

DeviantArtist: 1wolfmaiden

Not only is this a mouth-watering picture of delicious puffy pizza balls, but the DeviantArt creation itself provides a recipe so that you too can make these!  Money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you pizza balls, which is basically the same thing but with more cholesterol.

9.  Dalek DeviantArt Icons

Blue DalekOrange Dalek

Title: Dalek Icon Pack

DeviantArtist: LetsSaveTheUniverse

These Dalek icons are meant for DeviantArt profiles, and there are tons of great colors to pick from a great selection of great Daleks!  There’s a blue, an orange, a red, a yellow, and a white.  They probably won’t exterminate your comments.

10.  Jaws’ Rule of Thumb

jaws nails

Title: Jaws


Jaws nails are pretty awesome, but my joke about the rule of “thumb” was even more awesome.  Did you get it?  “Yeah.”  That’s weird, because you forgot to laugh.  “I didn’t forget anything.”  Why do you always crush my dreams?