Mug Cozy For Getting Cozy: 15 Geeky Designs

Why do you need a mug cozy?  In this day and age we all seem to enjoy the daily morning brew, whether it’s a cup of coffee or a special blend of tea. How else are we supposed to function throughout the duration of our long, agonizing days of work and school? But oh no! Your mug of early morning caffeine has gone and burned you yet again! Whatever shall you do?

Introducing The Mug Cozy!

mug cozy

The Universe is Indifferent

Mug cozies have gained an immense popularity recently, and for good cause. Yours can say just about anything, representing how you’d like the world to perceive you at whatever god-awful hour you have to get up. From “Not a Morning Person” to “The Early Bird Catches the Worm,” yours can say just about anything (though hopefully nothing as cliche as that) without you having to worry about burning yourself.

Lucky for the geek subculture, it’s not hard to find a geeky design on the interweb!  Here are several wonderfully geektastic mug cozies to choose from.


mug cozy
The Status is Not Quo

A great choice for anyone with a PHD in horribleness. And an MD in caffeine intake…ness.


mug cozy
Bigger On the Inside

Allons-y! Perfect for some time-wimey tea time while marathoning Doctor Who in preparation for the show’s return later this year! (Also see: “Lots of Planets Have a North” and “The TARDIS”)


mug cozy
Punch It, Chewie

What’s Wookie for: “Touch my coffee and I’ll rip your arm off like I did to Ssoh”? I bet Han would know.


mug cozy
My Precious

Just think how easier things would have been for the Fellowship if, instead of a ring, all they had to destroy was a cup of coffee. Merry and Pippin could’ve easily downed it in a single gulp. Or broken it. Either way, it would’ve saved everyone a whole mess of time. (Also see: “I <3 Hobbits”)


mug cozy


Clearly the right mug cozy for anyone who ever wondered why there was never a Caffeine-Type Pokemon.


mug cozy

Accio Brain

Probably what Harry Potter says to himself every morning when he wakes up, though hopefully not while holding a wand. That could come with some serious repercussions.


mug cozy

Zombie Vaccine

Just be careful that the actual zombie apocalypse doesn’t break out anytime soon, or else there are gonna be a lot of people who might take your cozy a little too seriously.


mug cozy
I Am Blogging This

A sure fire way to make sure no one squabbles with you in the morning, or finishes off the last of the coffee before you get a chance to have any. Fear the wrath of the angry, caffeine deprived blogger!


mug cozy

Resistance is Futile

Locutus may have been right about this one: resistance against caffeine IS futile, even for Picard.


mug cozy

I’m a Mac

What better way to start the morning than enraging that cranky PC-using guy who works in the cubicle across from yours?


mug cozy

“I Only Look Human”

This one is silly. No one looks human before their morning caffeine. Except maybe aliens. And cyborgs.


mug cozy

“TMNT Cozies”

You can get just one of these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cozies, but I strongly encourage you to buy the whole set. Perfect for a household of four who enjoys crime fighting and pizza eating on a regular basis.


mug cozy

Winter is Coming

A great one to use in those late fall months when it starts getting colder, or if you happen to be a member of the Stark clan (which, if you like being alive, I hope you’re not… except maybe if you’re Tony).


mug cozy

Companion Cube

Lucky for you, there’s no psycho robot forcing you to “euthanize” this adorable Companion Cube cozy.

Thanks to Julia for creating yet again another awesome guest post!