10 Geeky Camping Stuff For Those Enduring The Wilderness

Summer is officially here, folks, and what better way to spend your summer than in the great outdoors? Hit the beach! Take a hike! Go for a swim! Or, if you’re like me, you’re bound to be connecting with Mother Nature by pitching a tent, lighting a fire, and sleeping under the stars.

That’s right. Camping. And your very own geeky camping stuff!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: camping is not exactly the most geeky activity out there. It involves being out of cell phone range with no wifi or outlets to plug into. While camping is all about disconnecting from technology and communing with nature, I assure you that there are ways to sneak around that and still be able to keep up your geeky appearance.


Geeky Camping Stuff

Here are ten geektastic items for you to bring along on your next camping trip!


1.  TARDIS Tent: It’s Bigger On The Inside


geeky camping stuff


The TARDIS takes the Doctor through all of time and space in his travels, so why not let it take you through your travels through time and sleep in your own TARDIS Tent. Though this tent may not be bigger on the inside, there’s still plenty of room for a Doctor and his companion.

2.  Sleep Inside a Tauntaun

geeky camping

Follow Han’s survival tactic and cuddle up at night inside of a ThinkGeek Tauntaun Sleeping Bag. Just hope they don’t smell as bad as they do on the outside!

3.  Gimli’s Axe To Slay Any Wild Beasts/Trees


geeky camping stuff

Bad news: your camping party has determined that it’s your turn to go collect wood for the fire. Well why not make your firewood gathering a bit more epic with a replica of Gimli’s Axe. Great for chopping down wood, plus any Orcs or Uruk-hai that get in your way.

4.  Micro-Jet Lighter Torch


geeky camping stuff

Forget everything you ever learned from Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts about building a fire once you’ve got the MicroJet Lighter Torch. This baby ensures a much easier campfire-building process. Watch your campfire ignite with just the simple press of a button.

5.  R2-D2 Folding Chair


geeky camping stuff
Relax in your R2D2 Folding Armchair and enjoy the great outdoors with your best droid buddy.

6.  Lightsaber Flashlight Not Able To Harm Bears


geeky camping stuff

Don’t you hate it when you wake up in the middle of the night and nature calls? It means dragging yourself into the creepy, dark woods that in no way harkens imagery from that one scene in Snow White that so desperately scared you as a child, just so you can do your business. Well, now you can feel a little safer with your very own lightsaber flashlight.

Now you’ll be safe from whomever you may encounter in the forest, be it Darth Maul or a bear. (Warning: this flashlight will not actually protect you from a legit bear. Unless you chuck it at its head. And then run.)

7.  Super External Battery – Very External, Very Battery

camping for geeks
Ah the great outdoors. Camping’s all about getting away from technology, becoming immersed in nature, and finding yourself… still, you can’t quite seem to kick that Angry Birds habit, can you? With the ThinkGeek iGeek Large Capacity Portable Charger, keep your apple products fully charged throughout your whole stay in the woods. Just try to stop playing Fruit Ninja for five seconds and enjoy nature, all right?

8.  Chemistry Camping Cups and Plates

When packing your eating utensils and dishware, be sure to pack some stackable periodic table coffee mugs and salt molecule bowls. So long as you’re out in the middle of nowhere, may as well educate yourself.

9.  Wieners and Marshmallows On A Sword


camping geeks

Make Jon Snow proud by sticking your marshmallows with the pointy end of your Swashbuckling BBQ Sword from ThinkGeek. Show those hot dogs who’s the true King of Westeros.

10.  Pac-Man Blanket is Made of Warm


camping for geeks

Cuddling up with your loved ones around the campfire is the perfect capper to a day of camping, and what better to cuddle up underneath than a ThinkGeek Pac-Man fleece blanket. Perfect for both warmth and the excuse to make Pac-Man sound effects throughout the entirety of your trip.

Thanks to Julia for this geektastic post!  I LOVE IT LIKE THE SON I NEVER HAD!