10 Awesome Eco Gadgets Made From Recycled Car Parts

Are you a fan of eco gadgets made from recycled stuff? If so, you’re gonna love these eco-friendly geeky gadgets and fashion accessories.

Geeky Eco Gadgets Reuse Old Car Parts

Each piece is made using recycled car parts and turned into something entirely new (and in many cases) usable, not to mention a handsome looking piece of decor!


1. Hanging Hubcap Light

The hanging hubcap light from Etsy seller (Starling Ink) is part innovation and part eco-friendly gadget marvel. We particularly like the the fact that this is decorative piece and it’s functional. Since it’s a wall lamp, you can place anywhere in the home or even a car garage.  This light is sure to be quite the conversation piece wherever you put it. It’s clever, hip and eco friendly — our first of 10 eco gadgets.

Price: $54.99 (Etsy)



2. BMW Engine Cufflinks

There’s a guy (Steven Shaver) in Torrance, California, that creates a series of super cool items all made from recycled car parts, including the groovy BMW cufflinks pictured below. Each one is cleaned, cut and sanded by hand to a smooth shine and to reveal the authentic BMW part numbers found in the actual engine piston bearings.

Price: $155 (Etsy)



3. Volvo Recycled Center Cap Clock

Here’s a neat (and inexpensive) gift idea for the Volvo enthusiast in your life. The Volvo clock is made from a recycled  hubcap center and comes with the famous Volvo logo front and center for all to see. When someone asks where you got it, tell them Starling Ink from Barrington, New Jersey, makes lots of handmade eco gadgets in a private garage here in the good old USA.

Price: $14.99 (Etsy)



4. Upcycled Hubcap Clock in Hot Pink

This one is for the lady geeks in the house. It’s a sexy clock in hot pink made from an upcycled car hubcap. Although the seller doesn’t specify which make and model of vehicle this comes from, it’s a still sweet piece and fully functional – making it an ideal gift idea for any car and eco gadgets enthusiast. We love the size, the color and the mint condition it appears to be in.

Price: $24.99 (Etsy – Starling Ink)



5. Vintage VW Vinyl Car Seat Wallet

This cool wallet is made from vintage VW Volkswagen vinyl seat material. Each one is handmade by Etsy seller Couch Guitar Straps in Long Beach, California, and cost less than twenty bucks shipped. We love the color, style and cool authenticity of these eco wallets. For more like this, visit the Couch Guitar Straps shop online via Etsy as he has several different styles and colors available.

Price: $16.95 (Etsy)



6. Mercedes Seat Leather Laptop Bag

Are you a Mercedes aficionado? If so, then this recycled seat laptop bag should be right up your alley. The bag is made from leather seat scraps of an older Mercedes Benz vehicle. Each one is handmade in Canada.

Price: $299 (Etsy)


7. Recycled Seat Belt Guitar Strap

Whether you’re a new guitar player or have been playing since childhood, here’s a groovy new and exciting guitar strap made from automotive seat belt webbing. Each one is unique in color, design and style and comes with a longer than average strap for those who are bigger and/or like to play low.

Price: $22.95 (Etsy)



8. Cadillac Steering Wheel Belt Buckle

Looking for some cool man jewelry that has an edge to it and happens to look good? Here’s a recycled Cadillac steering wheel belt buckle from a clever Etsy seller named Hi Octane Jewelry. (cool shop name). The belt buckle is made from the steering wheel of older Cadillac vehicles and it features the famous logo front and center for all to see.

Price: $50.00  (Etsy)



9. Car Jack Table Lamp

How cool is this? A table lamp fashioned out of a vintage car jack. Yes! A car jack. We found this baby online via UncommonGoods and love that something as perfunctory as a plain old car jack can be given a new life and turned into a beautiful, unique and handsome looking table lamp.

Price: $425  (Uncommon Goods)


10. Auto Timing Gear Wall Clock

Clocks are common eco gadgets made from recycled material, and the one pictured below is no exception. We found the auto timing gear wall clock via Uncommon Goods for less than a hundred bucks.  It features a nice rustic look, which many men might find appealing. This one is perfect for a den, garage or even – a super cool office.

Price: $75.00  (Uncommon Goods)



Which one of these super cool eco gadgets made from recycled car parts do you most fancy? Tell us below in the comment area.

Guest Author, Darcy writes for Carrentals.co.uk and loves to find car topics to write about, including car gadgets, eco ways to drive, auto tech news, iphone apps for drivers and more.