10 Legend of Zelda Cakes for The Indulgent Eater

So, you like to eat.  It’s obvious from your appearance . . . that you also enjoy The Legend of Zelda.  (The shirt gave you away.)  A great way to combine these two endearing qualities is by presenting you with a wonderful list of ten different Legend of Zelda cakes, which you can virtually eat with a virtual set of silverware to virtually get full.  Then, you can virtually vomit so that you can virtually keep eating.  YESSS.

10 Legend of Zelda Cakes

1.  Freaky Twilight Princess Wolf

legend of zelda cakes


This is an awesome Legend of Zelda cake overall, but the wolf has some creepy eyes.  Link is good otherwise, as is my body, which can be used to bake cookies.  “Get over yourself, pudgemonster.”  I CAN’T STAND UP

2.  Windwaker Cake

legend of zelda cake


This is a cake representation of the Windwaker island, and I love those two cute little figurines hiding in the leaves up top.  It really captures the spirit of the Windwaker game, and I can actually hear the theme song in my head right now!  That may or may not be because I have schizophrenia and sometimes dress up like catwoman to calm myself down.

3.  Hylian Shield Legend of Zelda Cake

legend of zelda cake


This Legend of Zelda shield cake won’t protect you from any jellies, but it sure will taste good in that rumbling tummy of yours, which makes your gastrointestinal problems quite obvious.  “No, I’m just hungry.”  Deny it all you want, but it sounds like irritable bowel syndrome to me.

4.  Another Awesome Windwaker Cake

legend of zelda cake


While this Legend of Zelda cake may not be as impressive as the last Windwaker cake on this list, the purple sharks made up for it.  The last time I saw something that purple was at my son’s birthday party at Pump It Up.  “You don’t have any children.”  My son, your son, his son, they’re all the same to me as long as I get to go in the bouncy tent.

5.  Link Chilling By The Master Sword

legend of zelda cake


Rhomel, I wish I could trade moms with you, since this birthday cake is awesome.  Toon Link is just chilling out by the Master Sword, and he honestly looks a bit too chill.  Perhaps Ganondorf slipped something in his drink?  OR WAS IT ZELDA?  Just kidding, just kidding, it was me.  I need the outfit.

6.  Master Sword In a Giant Tube

legend of zelda cake


All of the different Links have come together for this awesome Legend of Zelda cake which also has the Master Sword sealed in some kind of giant tube.  The boomerang was a nice addition, as was the pile of small links trying to climb on each other.  Also, the Zelda on this cake looks like my grandma.

7.  Three Layer Windwaker Cake

legend of zelda cake


This is one of my personal favorites, if only because everyone’s favorite dragon boat got a boss look on this tasty treat.  So hood.  REAL FOR LIFE!  “Just stop.”

8.  Swirly Hill

legend of zelda cake


Of all the Zelda Cakes, I like this Legend of Zelda cake because of the subtle references that the baker has thrown in.  The skull, the rupies and chest, the ocarina, and others make it a great treat that is too good to eat.  And by “too good to eat” I mean that you’re not getting any.  I’m a growing boy who needs to eat!  “You’re thirty five.”  Who asked you, mom?  NOBODY.

9.  Toon Link Cake

legend of zelda cake


Toon Link must be popular among bakers, as the majority of cakes have featured him.  Very much like how the majority of your girlfriends’ photo albums feature me.  Often shirtless.  SOUR CREAM COMPLEXION.

10.  25th Anniversary Cake

legend of zelda cake

This cake, which someone baked for Zelda’s 25th anniversary, is a good way to end the list!  Strange mushroom on the left side of the picture – what?

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