10 DeviantArt Delights [Week #1]

Welcome to the first installation of 10 DeviantArt Delights!  Every Thursday of every week, from here on out, we will feature this post of 10 awesome creations that were posted on DeviantArt within the last week.  I’m sure we’ll find some cool things together, and if you ever want to submit your piece for an upcoming article, don’t hesitate to contact me!

1.  Dark Pokeball With Wings

deviantart delights

Title: The Pokeball of Fang (Maximum Ride)

DeviantArtist: wazzy88

This is an awesome piece of artwork created by wazzy88, and it’s based off of the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson.  (I’ve read all of the books and it’s a personal favorite of mine.  Plus, I didn’t realize Maximum Ride was female until the second book.)

If you look closely, notice that there is a hooded figure visible in the Pokeball.  Awesome work!

2.  Freaky Cat With No Teeth

deviantart delights

Title: Toothy

DeviantArtist: Xamag


This is a cute and disturbing gif of a cat with some kind of genetic disorder related to eye color.  (I know a few people who actually look like this in real life.  By “this” I mean the eyes, not the flaming lava mouth.)

3.  Adorable Blob Wearing a Scarf

deviantart delight

Title: Pun the Scarfblob

DeviantArtist: griffsnuff

What’s more adorable than something covered in fur and devoid of any limbs?  Very little, actually.  Put a scarf on the thing, add some huge eyes, and you have a winning creation!  I agreed with one of the commenters on DeviantArt in that I would love to see hundreds of these tumbling out of my closet.

4.  Mew With Swirling Candy

deviantart delights

Title: I love Mew

DeviantArtist: Crizthal

This may not look super awesome at first, but that’s because you haven’t clicked on the link next to the Title heading!  This is actually some sort of flash-based animation that is quite mesmerizing – Mew bobs around while all of the candies swirl and give you an extreme sensory overload.

5.  Cute Little Stegosaurus Wallpaper

deviantart delights

Title: Stego dino paper

DeviantArtist: Apofiss

This adorable little stegosaurus next to an orange peel is actually a downloadable wallpaper for your computer!  If you visit the page by clicking the link next to the Title heading, you’ll be able to get the cuteness injected into your computer!  No clean needles needed, since it’s all digital!

6.  Awesome Adventure Time Jake Plush

deviantart delights

Title: Fat Jake Plush

DeviantArtist: AzureStarr

If I saw this at the most important, professional business meeting of my life, I would hug it.  I would throw away my suit coat, dive onto its pudgy body, and hug it until it asphyxiates.  (It takes a very long time for inanimate objects to need to breathe, but it has been known to never happen.)

7.  I’m Sexy And I Know It… I Work Out!

deviantart delights

Title: Flat Screen

DeviantArtist: NaBHaN

You didn’t think that technology gave us thinner TV’s, right?  I’ll tell you how we got flatscreens: a bunch of drill sergeants, some police batons, and hundreds of treadmills.  The world doesn’t want to face the truth, but I will boldly look where no man has looked before, plus at my back, which needs to be shaved.

8.  Ghost Pokeball Gives Me Nightmares

deviantart delights

Title: The Pokeball of Ghost Vulpix

DeviantArtist: Wazzy88

I did not realize until a couple seconds ago that two of the DeviantArt Delights were created by the same person!  Wazzy88 – the fact that I picked two of your prints is a testament to your work.  Yes, I picked them unconsciously: my friend a stranger who broke into my apartment knocked me out with the black liquid and then hit my face on the keyboard until I clicked on one.

9.  Scary Dragon With a Semi-Rainbow Tail

deviantart delight

Title: Teryx v2

DeviantArtist: Sunimo

Sunimo is known for drawing some awesome dragons, and I think that this is one of his best!  The flame-like hair and the spikes on the bottom of the tail, paired with the unique color scheme of the beast, make this one of the most awesome drawings ever!

10.  Awesome Rendition of Mario Kart

deviantart delights

Title: Karting with Spirit

DeviantArtists: Ry-Spirit and theCHAMBA

This is a more realistic take on Mario Kart, and it borders on disturbing.  Wario’s face needs to go away before I see it in my nightmares.