Wood Paneling Cupcake Wrappers : Knock on Wood

Have you ever baked yourself a cupcake but felt like there was something missing? Ever noticed the lack of rustic, outdoorsiness in your cupcake devouring experiences? Well then say no more!



These wood paneled cupcake wrappers are the brainchild of Renelle Musielak-Legos over on etsy.com. The faux-wood wrappers are easily assemblable to cover ordinary wrappers for all your cupcake demolishing needs. They’re scaled to fit easily onto your delicious baked goods, while still allowing you to show off your awesome frosting arrangements up top. These wrappers were professionally designed (check out that spiffy gloss coating!) and hand cut by Renelle. They are sold in sets of twelve, but can be purchased in larger quantities if need be, and to assemble all you need is a cupcake and a piece of clear scotch tape.

Warning: wrappers are not oven safe, so unless you enjoy visits from your friendly neighborhood firefighters, do not bake them.



Unfortunately, these wrappers are currently sold out over in Renelle’s store, but chances are more will be available in the future. If in special need for a set of these swanky cupcake wrappers anytime soon, you can contact Renelle via her etsy store homepage and hash it out with her.

This geekalicious guest post was written by Julia Gaskill, a  friend of Cool Gizmo Toys!  Read more from her at The Girl Who Loves Muppets.