Sand Time Watch Great For Counting Down The Seconds Before Your Demise

Ah, the feeling of impending doom that an hourglass brings! These age-old timers have been used to count down for seven hundred years, but now they’re usually just decoration. They always seem to be in the possession of the bad guy! From the Wicked Witch in Wizard of Oz to Ja’far in Aladdin, hourglasses add a special flair (with a little touch of sinister) to the countdown.


sand+time watch concept


A few years ago, Balykin Pavel designed this Sand+Time Watch. It has a digital face which can show the flowing “sand” cross from one section of the band to the other. Alternately, the face is also shown with a digital number design for those of us who don’t feel like guessing. Things to do with this watch that come to mind:

  • Creative “Time-Out” timer for small children
  • Gift for a Dad who is into gadgets
  • Great addition to a Harajuku outfit
  • Use for costumes in cheesy Sci-Fi homemade movies
  • Wear to conventions or raves… just because it looks awesome


sand+time watch concept


Unfortunately, this sand time watch was never put into production. For now we’ll have to make do with plain numbers. You can see Balykin Pavel’s designs (including more pictures of the watch) on the Balykin Designs Behance Page. Now if you’ll excuse me… I think I’ll start gluing LEDs to a bracelet now.

Via: [The Awesomer]

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