R2-D2 Eye Makeup Makes Your Face Look Like An Astromech Droid

With all of the Youtube makeup tutorials that currently exist, it is not surprising that there are a number of people experience newfound enjoyment in the application of geeky cosmetics like the R2-D2 eye makeup. There are so many types of tutorials out there: there are ones on contouring (which will have you looking almost unrecognizable), some that accentuate certain features as well as tone other features, and then there are others that are just for fun and are perfect for halloween get-ups or costume parties.

R2-D2 Eye Makeup

While this picture doesn’t exactly constitute a tutorial, anyone with some basic analytical thinking skills should be able to figure out how this astromech droid was re-created on someone’s face.


r2-d2 eye makeup


The R2-D2 eye makeup look would be great for the halloween and costume parties mentioned earlier and also for all of the die hard Star Wars geeks out there. Now you will just have to wonder how C-3PO would be translated into this eyeshadow look!  Or we could all try it ourselves with some highlighters and black markers to see how many eyes we need to poke out before we get it right.  HOLD STILL.  *Draws on face with highlighter*

If you love the R2-D2 eye makeup, then you’ll want to check out the Avengers Eye Makeup, which was created by the same person.  (Jangsara.)

[Via: Geeks Are Sexy]

This guest post was written by Olan, a design consultant who is the owner of Ofifteen, a business that provides design consultations.  She can also be found creating design, fashion, beauty posts and raising three hyper little ones.