Panic Button Light Switch: Oooooh! What Does This Button Do?

What do starships, mad science laboratories, and cheesy action flicks all have in common? The big red button. The magical big red button always seems to have the answer: self-destruction, stopping the missiles, launching the missiles, sounding the alarm that the zombie apocalypse has arrived… or that the bacon is gone. Big red button is the hero of any sci-fi story!


panic button light switch


Panic Button Light Switch

Now you can have a functional big red button in your own home. The Panic Button Light Switch replaces your current light switch with a tempting shiny red button that lets you play smack-on smack-off as you reenact your favorite high intensity moments in geek history. As a bonus, when your droid is refusing to do your bidding you can twist the panic button to act as a dimmer switch for setting that perfect ambiance for a night of dice-rolling fun.

You can get your very own ThinkGeek Panic Button Light Switch and dim the lights to live out your fantasy of living life as a rogue in the shadows. Just be careful during installation. Nobody likes a crispy human.

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