10 Totally Awesome Geeky Iron Man Themed Clothing Articles

Besides having pieces of shrapnel burrowing their way toward your heart and possibly killing you, why wouldn’t you want to be Tony Stark?  Imagine having an ingenious mind able to create and wield the Iron Man suit, able to pick up every babe that walked into sight, and able to come up with more than enough wise cracks to propel three major blockbuster films!  You’d be unstoppable.  Why not skip the excessive brain work (and alcohol intake) and slip on some Iron Man gear instead?

Iron Man Themed Clothing

This list of 10 Geeky Iron Man Themed Clothing Articles will point you in the right direction.

Iron Man MK IX Armor


iron man themed clothing


Geeky and fashion forward, this official Marvel collectible t-shirt is only $30. That price doesn’t include the Iron Man suit but does include an arc reactor that lights up with 3 AAA batteries. Thinkgeek.com has thought of it all, even how to make a high-tech suit of armor machine washable.

Iron Man 2 Suit


iron man clothing items


In this t-shirt, you can’t consult with J.A.R.V.I.S. but you will look extremely bad-ass. With a glow in the dark arc reactor, be sure to wear this at night for the full effect. Get one for yourself at $21 or buy 2 for $32 and give one to your own “Rhodey”. Visit here for more details.

Iron Man Hoodie


iron man clothes


What this $60 hoodie lacks in repulsor rays, it makes up for in bright and bold colors. This zip-up jacket’s design is printed in some areas and embroidered in others. Pick one up today and save the world tomorrow, from boredom that is.

Custom Iron Man Nike Kicks


iron man clothes and accessories


Diversitile.com’s M.O. is custom making shoes and clothes but they really spent extra time on this pair of Iron Man Nike Kicks. This limited edition design has sold out, but when they were on sale, each pair was hand painted and made to order. The triangle arc reactor glows in the dark, but for $500 a pair, would you expect any less?

Diesel Limited Edition Iron Man Cologne


iron man clothes and accessories


Is dressing up just not your thing? (Why the heck not?) Then smell like Mr. Stark instead, who probably smells like crisp Benjamins, with this limited edition Iron Man cologne by Diesel. The painted glass fist is red and gold to match Iron Man’s suit and the cologne smells strongly of leather, amber, and citrus. If you’re interested in how that combination of top notes would smell and have an extra $50 to spend, you can buy it here.

Mark V Briefcase


iron man clothes


This limited edition briefcase by Entertainment Earth replicates Tony Stark’s Mark V in Iron Man 2. With pockets and lining made of genuine leather on the inside and its outside crafted from aircraft aluminum, the 500 briefcases sold quickly for $600 each. Luckily, if you’re willing to spend more there’s one for sale on eBay. If you’re low on cash, you can stare longingly at the screen and imagine how awesome you’d look carrying it around.

New Era Iron Man Fitted Hats

iron man themed clothing accessories


In anticipation for the Iron Man 2 movie, New Era made a limited amount of polyurethane vinyl hats that came in these two styles as well as another designed to look like the War Machine. Each hat has either glow-in-the-dark arc reactor or eyes and the words “Iron Man 2″ embroidered on the back. While the original supply sold out a few years ago, you may be able to find one on eBay selling for $50 to $80.

Iron Man Cufflinks


iron man clothes


Sometimes elegance is found in dressing with simplicity. These stainless steel cufflinks are simple but make a statement, and wearing these to a black tie event would be much more interesting than using plain buttons to hold your sleeves together. Besides, at around $8 for the pair, how could you go wrong?

Classic Iron Man Apron


iron man stuff


If you love to cook and you miss the original color scheme of the classic Iron Man, then retropoponline.com has made this especially for you. Red and ultra-bright yellow in color, its plain cut and string-tied back is essential for any cook-out. Wear it and cook steak — like a boss!

Iron Man Motorcycle Outfit


iron man costume


UD Replicas specializes in making very convincing copies of costumes in movies for motorcyclists. Made entirely of leather, this motorcycle outfit comes complete with gloves, jacket, and pants. All you need to add is the helmet and cocky attitude to complete the look.

If these Iron Man clothes and accessories slap a smile on your face, then you’re going to want to take a look at the Iron Man Xbox 360 Slim Case Mod, which shoves even more geeky into your console.

Eveline Parsons is a freelance writer and contributor to Degree Jungle. In her spare time she likes to read fantasy fiction and watch the original X-Men animated series.