Goodbye Superhero Underoos – Hello Iron Man Nike Dunk Sneakers

Now that we are older, wearing Super Hero Underoos may not be the best idea. Unless, of course, you are out on a date with a wealthy business tycoon’s daughter and the Commissioner suddenly launches the bat signal!  How else are you going to respond quickly?  Other than that situation, I cannot see any legitimate reason an adult should be wearing Superhero Underoos.  That is where these beauties come in.

Iron Man Nike Dunk Sneakers by J’Field Yeo



These are Iron Man Nike Dunk High Sneakers.  Shoes that are painted in the colors of Iron Man and include cool LED lights!  How can you go wrong!?  Watch out evil doers everywhere!  With these shoes, you not only proclaim your support for the Iron Man but you tell everyone around you that you are the baddest of the bad.

These shoes have LED lights not only in the back but also on the tongue of the shoe.  It also just so happens that the LED lights in the tongue of each shoe are actually Arc Reactors!



Included with these shoes is your very own Stark Industries briefcase.  Now you can put the shoes inside your case and head off to a meeting with peace of mind.  If you get the call, your super hero shoes will not be too far away.   Inside the case is yet another Arc Reactor, bringing your total to three.  I think this is smart since you never know when you might need to power another suit, a car, or even a small city.  It just makes good urban survival sense.



So the natural question is:  where do you buy them?  Well, you’ll need to custom order them from J’field Yeo at More Than Art To Wear.  And, the rest of us will have to sit and drool.  One thing is certain.  When these hit the streets, bad guys everywhere will tremble at the power of the Iron Man.

Jerry is a project manger by day, a writer by night, and a very bad musician (seriously. He’s that bad).  Not afraid to hide his geeky nature, his wife of twelve years still cannot figure out why he quit leading real soldiers to go back leading 25mm plastic ones.