Iron Man Mode Blog Features Charitable Gamers Playing With One Life

I received an email from this guy named Zeke, and he told me about Iron Man Mode: The Blog, and the interesting concept that surrounds it.  He, as well as a couple of other bloggers, each select a game to play, and they each get one life.  They blog about playing that game until they die (not in real life) and then they choose a new game when the next series begins.

This is a concept that struck me as “pretty awesome,” and I felt that you all would feel the same way.  Very much unlike my ex, who gave away my love.  Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, and the very next day, you sold it to Karl…  “Hey!  This is not my fault!  I just buy the organs, man, I didn’t know that you owned it.”  SHUT UP, Karl.


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Iron Man Mode: The Blog is exciting, since every day you can wake up and wonder if your favorite writer was killed by zombies, or if one of  the writers was consumed by a Legend of Zelda jelly monster.  (At Iron Man Mode, they play all types of games.  Indie, mainstream, PC, Xbox, PlayStation, whatever.  No discrimination.)

In addition to having an awesome site with pretty steady gaming updates, these guys are doing a good thing and, unlike me, aren’t stuffing their pockets with cash.  The site donates proceeds to the Child’s Play Charity, and I would appreciate it if you would consider donating!

If you want to check out Iron Man Mode: The Blog, and perhaps donate, then that would be awesome!  If you’re looking for more geeky fun, then check out this list of the 8 lamest video game endings and the Zombicide Zombie Killer Board Game when you’re done!