Instagram Socialmatic Camera: You Might Want To Add This To Your Pocket

This is for my Instagram folks, where a picture is worth a thousand words and every picture posted defines a meaning behind.  I introduce to you the brilliant Instagram Socialmatic Camera, a concept camera.  My first reaction was “do we really need another ‘point-and-shoot’ instant photo camera that would ultimately fail?” I say fail, because do you remember the JoyCam or the iZone, both by Polaroid?  Well, I am one of those kids that bought it, used it, loved it, and eventually hated it because it was big and bulky.  Also, back then, everyone carried film cameras which were smaller and compact.


instagram socialmatic camera


But this revolutionary concept will rock your socks because with its cool design, small and thin in size, which will fit right in your pocket. It’s exactly like a digital camera with an added bonus: it allows you to directly print photos. Now how convenient is that!


instagram socialmatic camera


Say goodbye to running down to Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target or any photo store to print your photos. Besides, instant printed photos are amazing mementos to share and keep (they look cool!) So go on folks, support the concept! ….If you care!

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Thanks to Meryl for this guest post – you can check out more of her stuff here!

[Via: Bless This Stuff]