How To Make Avengers Bookmarks And Save The World, Plus Your Spot

These Avengers Bookmarks are a great of example of simple DIY geek arts and crafts.  So, you’re not good enough to make an 16-bit Samus cosplay – so what.  Big whoop.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself; you’re getting tear stains on my very expensive Persian rugs that I bought from Ikea.  “Dude, I think you got scammed.”  The only one who got scammed is you, because you didn’t get these hand-crafted Persian rugs when they were on sale.  Also, this iPad I bought while I was in China.  Once I get it to turn on, it will have been a steal.


how to make avengers bookmarks


Avengers Bookmarks – Pure Genius!

While I would like to take all of the credit for coming up with this idea and making the popsicle stick Avengers bookmarks, I cannot.  Amanda of Crafts By Amanda was the genius behind this covert operation.  Also, the Tesla coil, but she doesn’t publicize that very often, as it ruins her credibility as a motherly, not mad scientist like figure.


avengers bookmarks


Since you clicked on this post to learn how to make Avengers bookmarks, I will stall no longer.  For the step by step instructions, straight from Amanda herself, click on the first instance of the words “step by step instructions.”  “Why are you so confusing?”  Hey, it could be worse – I could have written the instructions.  Step one: make an Iron Man bookmark.  Step two: show it off to everyone in school.  Step three: figure a way out of the trash can you’ve been stuffed in by the upperclassmen.  I may not be very good at steps one and two, but step three?  The master.


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