Guide To a Geeky Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is almost upon us, it’s on May 13, and you need to make sure that you are prepared.  Like the zombie apocalypse, this holiday can be pretty violent if you forget to buy gifts or if you just royally ruin the day of a mother.  So, don’t end up torn to shreds by an angry mom, be prepared!  This Guide to a Geeky Mother’s Day will help you to give your mom the perfect Mother’s Day!  In your eyes, at least, unless your mom is as geeky as you are.  My gramma cried last Christmas because I lost the eBay bidding for an NES in mint condition.

Step 1: Breakfast

Breakfast is the beginning of your geeky Mother’s Day, and it can really set the tone for the rest of the holiday.  If you mess this one up, private, we’re going to have trouble on the front lines.  Your mom fed you mush as an infant, so it’s time to repay the favor and feed her some mush deliciously geeky-themed breakfast!  Here are a couple of options that you have – use your innate cooking skills to replicate these creations!  (Or just steal the general idea, if you are a horrible cook.)

Pac-Man Toast Instructable


guide to a geeky mother's day


If your mom is a fan of Pac-Man, then this toast is sure to be a hit on her special special day!  Go to the Instructables page to learn how to make these stenciled pieces of toast, and then apply the principle to any design you please!  (You make a stencil out of paper, so whatever kind of stencil you wish to make, you can make it.)  Pieces of toast with designs on them are your first wonderful breakfast option provided to you by the guide to a geeky Mother’s Day.

Star Wars Pancakes


guide to a geeky mother's day


The Star Wars Pancake Molds from Williams Sonoma come in a set of three for $20: the Stormtrooper pancake, Darth Vader pancake, and Yoda pancake.  These are great for those of us who lack a specific artistic baking talent and still wish to praise our moms with offerings of pancakes shaped like our favorite Star Wars characters.  Minus the green and wrinkly parts, unless you make them a couple of weeks beforehand just to make sure that you’re prepared.  This is another great choice for your geeky mother’s day breakfast.

AT-AT 3D Pancakes


guide to a geeky mother's day

For those of us who are both skilled and adventurous, there are the AT-AT 3D Pancakes.  If you visit Jim’s site, you can get a better look at how he made these beauties, and you can try to replicate them.  My advice?  Just make a 2D AT-AT that looks like a camel and mom will be proud enough – at least you tried to give her a great day by reading the guide to a geeky Mother’s Day.

Keyboard Waffles


geeky mother's day guide


Unfortunately, the Keyboard Waffle Maker is purely a source for ideas – you can’t actually buy this one.  Cut up a bunch of square waffles and try to make it look like a computer keyboard?  You can definitely try that.  Please experiment before you wake up at five in the morning the day of Mother’s Day and think that you’re going to make some marvelous typewriter-shaped waffles.  Because you’re not.  Planning and practice, my friends, is key.

Pancake Pen: Make Your Own Geeky Mother’s Day Pancakes


geeky mother's day guide


The Tovolo Pancake Pen is the perfect way to draw your own pancake picture or to write your mom a personalized pancake message!  With this geeky product, the possibilities are only limited by your small, uncultured mind!  This guide to a geeky Mother’s Day is not complete without the Pancake Pen, which really can help you add a personal touch to your momma’s pancakes.  Make breakfast special!

Star Wars Vehicles Pancake Molds


guide to a geeky mother's day


The Star Wars Vehicle Pancake Molds are also from Williams Sonoma, and would be a nice add-on to those Yoda pancakes you just put together.  Recently.  Not those ones that turned green and wrinkly – you brought those to work for the colleagues, and they really appreciated the gesture.  Also, the vomiting spell they had for 48 hours afterwards.  I’m sure you’ll get tons of thank-you cards lawsuits in the mail.

Step 2: Card

The Mother’s Day card is essential if you want to be smooth and pull off the perfect Mother’s Day.  Your mom can’t understand your appreciation for her unless you directly tell her that you love her.  But, you have to do this in a funny way that involves geekiness, or you will be lame by every and all standards.

Stop Commenting On My Facebook, Mom


geeky mother's day guide


This is a great e-card for any child of an overbearing parent.  Does your mom always comment on your Facebook wall?  Now you can tell her you love her and remind her that she should stop bothering you online.  In a kind way, of course.

<3 Geeky Mother’s Day Card


geeky mother's day guide


This geeky typography card for your mom (or anyone else, really) is great!  The simplistic <3 says all that needs to be said, but it would be nice if you wrote a note to your mom on the inside of this Mother’s Day card.

8-Bit Gif Mother’s Day Cards


8-bit mother's day card gif


This 8-bit e-card for your mom is one of several available at the site which is linked to prior in this sentence.  Just email here one of these gif files, and you’ll be well on your way to completing the guide to a geeky Mother’s Day!  The Link one is my favorite, but Space Invaders and Mario are available on G33kpron.

Mother’s Day QR Code Card


geeky mother's day guide


Yes, the Mother’s Day QR Code Card is very simplistic, but is wonderful for any and all high-tech moms.  When you scan the code using one of many free apps, a special message comes up for your mom!  (Scan it to find out what it is.)  Write a note on the inside also just to personalize it a bit more.

Freaky Alien Child Mother’s Day Card


guide to a geeky mother's day


Remember – you know your mom better than I do.  If she would think the freaky Alien child card is hilarious, then go for it.  If she would think it is rather disgusting, then hold back.  Use this awesome card with discretion, since you are also implying that your mom is a race of the Alien species.  Just to be safe, if you are in doubt, pick a different card.  I don’t want to be responsible for angry moms.

Step 3: Geeky Mother’s Day Gift

Since there are already tons of great lists of geeky Mother’s Day gifts, I decided to just make a list of the best ones and share them with you so that you can get a variety of ideas!  Just click on the title of each list to visit the site and look at the products listed!

Cool Mom Tech’s List of Geeky Mother’s Day Gifts

MTV Geek’s List of Geeky Mother’s Day Gifts

CIO’s List of Geeky Mother’s Day Gifts

Geek Sugar’s List of Geeky Mother’s Day Gifts

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PC Mag’s List of Geeky Mother’s Day Gifts

Leave a comment and tell us which products you liked best, and which ones you thought were atrocious ideas!

Step 4: Activities!

Trip To The Mall


geeky mother's day


A trip to the mall is a great way to combine activities with buying your mom an extra gift that you’re sure she will appreciate it.  (If your mom is picking it out, the chances that she will like it are almost 100%.)  The iconic Apple Store layout is pictured above, and I’m sure that if your mom is as geeky as you think she is, you will make a trip to this tech retailer.

Geeky Crafts

Geeky crafts are a great way to bond with your mom and help her have fun at the same time!  Since moms are inherently good at crafts, she will surely enjoy this time with you.  You, on the other hand, may be extremely frustrated, but it’s Mother’s Day so nobody cares.  All of these links go to an awesome set of an instructions for different geeky crafts provided by this guide to a geeky Mother’s Day.

Check out each one and determine whether or not it is too hard for you and your mom.

Paper Mario Automata Geeky Mother’s Day Craft

Hunger Games Cupcakes Geeky Mother’s Day Baking

Macaron Coin Purse Geeky Mother’s Day Craft

Paper iPhone Stand Geeky Mother’s Day Craft

InstaGraham Crackers Geeky Mother’s Day Baking

Lightbulb Vase Geeky Mother’s Day Craft

Now that you’ve read the geeky Mother’s Day guide, I’d say that you’re more than prepared to help your mom have a great day!  If you have any better ideas than the ones I have provided here, do not hesitate to leave a comment and make fun of my naivete!