Geeky Memes Of The Week #5: Funny Memes Make You Pee Yourself

Welcome to the fifth edition of geeky memes of the week!  These funny memes will surely have you rofling, lolling, and banging your fist on a table in your fit of laughter.  (Not really, at best you’ll smile and maybe be chucklin’ for a second.)  There is a cat pushing a watermelon out of a lake on this list of memes, so you are compelled by this cat to like this post on Facebook and share it with all of your friends!  “I don’t like that meme.”  Your argument is invalid, because this cat is feeding Cheetos to a hippo who has the hair style of Rihanna.

funny geeky memes


Geeky Memes . . . Moving On

This geeky meme is great – if you didn’t get it right away, you should probably take a couple of classes in Eminem before people find out that you aren’t culturally aware.  The real lyrics are: “just gonna stand there and watch me burn, well that’s alright because I like the way it hurts.”  Now, here are the lyrics to Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.  “Do do do do deee do do dee dee dee WUBUBUWUBWUB EE EE EE EE AAOOOOO.”  Meme-ify that, you internet trolls!  Make a funny meme out of that!

geeky memes


This is funny because it’s remarkably true.  “No, it’s funny because that guy on the bottom looks like he’s getting stabbed in the lower back by a large needle.”  In addition to that fact, this meme brings back memories of when grocery store workers have been incredibly ignorant to the fact that I only have three arms to carry my groceries.  “What?”

geeky memes


Exactly.  Next time you get a picture of a cat pushing a watermelon out of a lake, you can get one free argument voucher.  But, until then, I will always be right.  Wash my feet!  Do it!  Scrub them!  I will rule this land with an iron fist, and if I am pleased, I will rain upon the land a boatload of popcorn and butter.  Then, I will take back all of the popcorn because I’m selfish.  “But-”  Cat.  Watermelon.