Geek Out with These Ten Uber Cool Chrome Extensions

Geeks come in all shapes and sizes, just like extensions for the Chrome browser. Okay, so maybe Chrome Extensions don’t truly come in different sizes and shapes, but there are a lot of them and that is essentially what we meant. Politically correct geeks sure are tough to please.

Best Chrome Extensions for Geeks

Nevertheless, we’ve taken the liberty to wade through the massive horde of Chrome Extensions, in order to bring you some of the geekiest and coolest apps that are available. If you’re looking to get your geek on, particularly while using the Google Chrome browser, then keep reading!


Cool Chrome Extensions Webcam Toy Photo Effects


Webcam Toy

Most computers and mobile devices come fitted with a webcam or a camera that can be used for live streaming. Some of those computers and devices come preloaded with webcam enhancement software that allows users to add silly filters or image effects. Webcam Toy turns any webcam into well . . . a toy. There are tons of groovy photo effects and filters, and lots of menu features to make webcam use easy, not that it wasn’t already. Unfortunately, the effects and filters are only for use with still image shots – which means you won’t be able to turn your skin a goofy pink color when you call home to mom, but that’s okay. You can still send mom a goofy email after you’ve captured the proper photo.


Cool Chrome Extensions Phone


Google Chrome to Phone

Not every geek uses an Android phone. In fact, we know a lot of fellow geeks would rather use an iPhone, but that’s okay. For those geeks that do have an Android phone, you’re in luck! The Google Chrome to Phone extension allows Chrome users to forward media and content to an Android device. This app is invaluable, because there are many times when users need to leave the comfort of their computer and journey onto a mobile platform, all while preserving content and media. You can forward links, phone numbers, text, media, content and even Google maps from a Chrome browser window to an Android handset. Unfortunately, there are still no extensions to forward a pizza and a liter of Code Red over the internet, but we’ll get there someday.

Don’t have an Android phone, but have a Kindle instead? No problem! There’s also a Chrome extension called “Send to Kindle” that does just that!


Pictarine Photo Sharing Chrome Extensions



Here’s another photo-related extension for you geeks, but before you roll your eyes at us and walk away, this app is different from the rest. Pictarine does not include any photo editing features or photo filters to apply; instead it allows users to organize and download photos from popular social media sites. It creates a collective gallery of images from Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, Dropbox, Photobucket and many more, and allows users to download the content directly to a computer. For a full list of the services that work with Pictarine, check out the official extension page in the Google Web Store. Pictarine is a terrific way to organize all those images that are fragmented across various social sites over time. Geeks assemble!


Harmony Procedural Drawing Chrome Extensions



Harmony is a pretty straightforward extension, and it offers a procedural drawing tool directly within the Chrome browser. What makes the Harmony Chrome Extension unique is the selection of distinctive brushes that allow true creativity to flow. No seriously, even some of the worst drawings we procured still looked pretty cool thanks to Harmony’s brush palette. Most geeks love to draw, so check this one out!


PadMapper Apartment Hunting Chrome Extensions



If you’re a fellow geek still living with mom and dad, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that, this next extension is not for you. PadMapper allows users to search nearby apartments and places to live via a Google Maps overlay. The reason the PadMapper extension is awesome is because it allows you to search for apartments in relation to your current housing. PadMapper takes most of the guesswork out of finding places to live nearby, and users can also measure locations in relevance to nearby bars, gyms, and grocery stores. There’s also a nifty crime overlay that displays how awful an area is in relation to crime, so you can stay away from those horrible bullies. We know, we don’t like bad guys either.


Pix: Pixel Mixer Photo Editing Chrome Extensions


Pix: Pixel Mixer

Photo editing applications and extensions are a dime a dozen, but this one is worth mentioning- we promise! Pix: Pixel Mixer is a photo editing tool that offers up to thirty different filters, twenty four film layers and sixteen frames. If you couldn’t already tell, that’s a lot of tools at your disposal. Pixel Mixer even has a matching iOS and Android app that can be used in combination with the Chrome extension. Pixel Mixer allows users to apply various photo effects and filters and then share them to social media sites or directly to mobile devices! The adamant photo geek can never have enough photo editing apps!


BioDigital Human 3D Interactive Anatomy Platform Chrome Extensions


BioDigital Human

Geeks are always thinking, and they’re always putting their minds to work. We are exceedingly curious, and it’s the main reason we’re considered geeks. It stands to reason that in all that time spent thinking, a few geeks may have wondered how the human body operates. The BioDigital Human extension is a 3D platform that displays the human anatomy. One of the coolest features is that users can select various diseases and watch how it affects the human body through an interactive animation. It’s also a superb study guide for those medical geeks trying to pass their way through Human Anatomy and Physiology.


Planetarium Extension for Chrome Extensions



Chances are high that if you’re a geek, you also like gazing at the stars in your free time. Staring at the vast expanse of outer space surrounding our world is a perfect activity to do while dreaming about saving a planet, and a distressed dame, from ruthless aliens. It is also downright cool to look at the stars. Nevertheless, the Planetarium extension provides stargazers with an interactive companion for exploration. Planetarium allows star geeks to interact with all the stars in the sky and lists the distance, magnitude and various stats of each. Better yet, you can adjust the Planetarium app to match what you see in the sky. With any amount of luck, you may still be able to impress that special someone by showering them with nerdy facts about the universe!


Koding Chrome Extensions - A Browser Based Programming Platform



We’re willing to bet there’s a few geeks out there who like to program, or code, or whatever it is you kids call it these days. Either you’re the geek that likes to code or you’re the one that’s forced into working at coding sweatshops just to make a quick buck. No matter what the reason is that you’re coding, this Chrome Extension is just for you!

Koding is an online development environment that allows programmers to code to their hearts content right in the chrome browser window. The Koding extension includes code editing, cloud hosting, database administration, and collaboration environments with access to a web-based file system and FTP and SVN integration. Koding also supports several different languages including PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby. There’s no reason anymore to open those bland coding programs, because now you can use the Chrome browser. Let’s just hope you can save your work before it crashes, because that’s a coding geek’s worst nightmare!


Mortal Kombat Karnage Google Chrome Extensions


Mortal Kombat Karnage

This extension is for the geekiest of the bunch. It does not encourage productivity, nor does it enhance the Chrome browser experience in any way, but it offers pure, unadulterated fun. Who doesn’t enjoy a little fun? Just don’t get caught using this extension at work, unless you’re pretty adept at hiding in your cubicle. Mortal Kombat Karnage recreates the classic Mortal Kombat games through flash based animation. Of course, the app just forwards you to a web based version of Mortal Kombat Karnage, but we’re okay with that. The game is still under development and only includes a limited selection of content, but there’s more than enough to get your Fatality on. If you want to find a quick, and relatively painless, method for ripping out some innards, check this one out.