Zombicide: Fight Zombies With Chuck Norris

You might have been preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse and missed a few new developments in the world of zombie protection training.  No one would blame you; after all, when it happens, it is every man for himself.  We have had plenty of warning signs and training material to get us ready.  From Plants vs Zombies, where we learned that a healthy lawn is essential to stopping the legions of undead, to learning that cardio is essential to survival.

Well, while you were practicing your marksmanship a new zombie game was released….or is about to be.


zombicide game


Enter Zombicide by Guillotine Games produced by Cool Mini Or Not.  Zombicide was a Kickstarter project that went off the charts.  With a 30 day goal of only $20,000 in order to lower production costs, Zombicide brought in a whopping $781,597 when the final bell rang.   Hunters for the undead rallied to the cause, while Gulliotine Games kept churning out the swag for each financial goal reached, and boy did the swag keep coming.

Early backers of the game that bought in at the “Abomination” level ($100) donation will receive a copy of the game and over 112 miniatures, some of them early advances on expansion packs planned for next year.

Game play is simple.  Each player controls one (for 6 players) to four (solo game) “survivors,” human beings in a zombie-infested cityscape. In fact, “survivors” can go from zero to hero and smash zombies, gaining increasingly higher skills the more zombies they kill.

Yet there are consequences of being so short sighted.  The game mechanics increase the level of difficulty every time zombies are eliminated.  So while survivors get better and better at  bashing in heads, the zombies are drawn to the area like moths to a flame.  As the Danger Level goes up so do the number of zombies.




The survivor characters are take-offs of comic heroes or action movie stars, like Eagle Chaz, a Chuck Norris look–like who needs to kick some zombie tail.  I mean…come on.  Who would not want to be Chuck Norris at the start of the zombie apocalypse?!  That’s not all but each of the survivors has a zombie model in the event they are turned.

I know what you are thinking: that it is impossible to think that Chuck Norris can become a zombie.  Unless the zombie Chuck is really a government experiment gone awry and you need to call in the real thing to deal with it.  Who better to deal with Zombie Chuck than the real Chuck?

There is also an Uma Thurman model, dressed somewhat similar to The Bride….yeah.  A katana-wielding, zombie-dicing machine!  Not to be outdone is El Cholo, a Danny Trejo look-a-like that wields dual machetes.  If machismo is not for you then take the role of a Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory and toss molotov cocktails.  That’s just a taste, there are actually 14 survivors you can choose from, not to mention making your own survivor.




The rules seem simple.  As it goes, no one has actually played the game, unless you are one of the lucky few at PAX this year that got to lay hands on it.  Still there is a simple little video on their main site that walks you through game.  The game is cooperative, to a degree, in so far as actions on the part of players make noise can turn the whole thing into a disaster.  Firing your machine gun may save your life but may bring the Zombie hordes down on your friends…sucks to be them, doesn’t it?   Zombicide seems to be a fun and easy game with cool minis in a popular and comics-inspired environment.

The attitude of the game is fun with a hint of terror.  The game will retail for about $85, but out of the store you do not get all the cool stuff at once.  Those will most likely be come as separate models or expansion packs.  Sorry, the Kickstarter has closed.  Even still, this is something to get on board with.  The game is reported to release in August of 2012.

Who can resist a zombie game?  If you can … then you will clearly be eaten first.

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Jerry is a project manger by day, a writer by night, and a very bad musician (seriously. He’s that bad).  Not afraid to hide his geeky nature, his wife of twelve years still cannot figure out why he quit leading real soldiers to go back leading 25mm plastic ones.