is facebook down?


Guys, there’s BIG news – Facebook is down.  It’s going up and down, and has been for the last thirty minutes.  Is it a hacker?  Is it just an overload or some kind of internal server problem?  We don’t know for sure, but the answer to the question “is Facebook down?” is YES.  And, this means that I am going into a panic, since I cannot share with my friends this adorable picture of a kitten eating avocado that I just found on Tumblr.  ZUCKERBERG, CURSE YOU AND YOUR DOWN-NESS!!!!

Updates will be posted, friends, so check back.

UPDATE:  Facebook is back up… still no word on what happened.

UPDATE 2:  Still a bit testy, but is working at the moment.

UPDATE 3: As of 6:30 (EST) Facebook is still down, and they haven’t announced anything.

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  1. jack

    No, fuck you. The world is not ending because one stupid site is down.

    • Jack Kieffer
      Jack Kieffer05-31-2012

      Lol I share your sentiments, but the way people use Facebook, you’d think that it was a bigger deal than it is. (Not that big of a deal at all, except for the guys in charge of Facebook, who are all flipping out.)

  2. MIchael LaCoste
    MIchael LaCoste05-31-2012

    The investors cashed out made there $$ Billiions – now they don’t care.

    • Jack Kieffer
      Jack Kieffer05-31-2012

      Haha well they’re actually probably all freaking out like madmen right now as their stock will probably take a hit

  3. shrikant

    its on and off up and down. very slow at the moment. looks like a major outage.

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