Duck Fashion Show for Creepies and Quacks

Ooooh, have you heard?  “Heard what?”  The news!  Oh!  It was my impression that everrrrrrrryone had heard.  “Nope.”  The Duck Fashion Show is in town!  “That means nothing to me.”  Well, the Pied Piper Duck Fashion Show, which is an annual event in Sydney, Australia, is where all of these ducks dress up in beautiful clothes and parade themselves around like a bunch of vain women!  “I think I see my girlfriend over there -”  The one in the pink?  “No, she’s not a duck, you imbecile.”

duck fashion show


Duck Fashion Show

Look at how pretty those ducks are!  The only thing more interesting than seeing these dressed up animals is to get a glimpse of their owners, who are all probably huge quacks.  And creepies.  I mean, ducks?  That’s a worse pet than the Rancour my mom said I never should have bought.  “It ate TOM!”  Eh, Tom was getting on my nerves.  *Rancour bends down and eats the neighbor’s car*


duck fashion show

duck fashion show


This reminds me of that time I got attacked by a raging swan.  The man who dressed up this duck?  He’s a brave one, I’ll tell you that.  Living on an island wasn’t so easy when you had to be awake twenty hours a day, fending the ducks off of your territory with sticks.  “You were never on an island – when’s the last time you’ve even left your house?”  The last time I got groceries.  “When’s the last time you got up from the computer and ate something?”  Couple of months ago.  I just feed off of the organisms in the air.  *Breathes in deeply*

If you are loving the duck fashion show, like I am, then you’d probably enjoy the Emergency Inflatable Rubber Chicken and the Creepy Cardinal Mask once your done sharing this post about ducks to all of your geeky friends.

[Via: Incredible Things]