$50 Prize: Geeky On-Site Scavenger Hunt

CONTEST CLOSED:  Josh C. and Shawn P. both won, but Josh was randomly chosen via my number generator and won the $50.  Congrats!

I see that you have found Cool Gizmo Toys’ first geeky on-site scavenger hunt!  In this post I will detail how you will go about finding the clues that lead to the $50 prize (paid via PayPal), and will keep a live scoreboard showing who is winning and who is… not winning.  As much.

So, here we go.

How To Win, Because Winning Is Everything




So, you want to win a quick $50?  Here’s how it works.  There are 10 clues, I repeat, 10 clues hidden throughout the site.  (This one.  Cool Gizmo Toys.)  Each clue will be within a post, at the bottom of the post, in purple text, and will lead you to the next article that you need to find!  The first hint is at the end of this entry, and I think that most of you geeks will be able to find the correct link quite easily.  BUT DON’T JUST SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM – THERE ARE A COUPLE OF RULES.  Not many.  The first one says that there are no rules.


1.  In terms of what you can use to find the articles, there are no rules.  Google, site search, some fancy schmancy program, your grandma, whatever.

2.  IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE TO WIN THE $50, YOU NEED TO FIRST LIKE US ON FACEBOOK, AND LIKE THIS POST ON FACEBOOK.  Facebook box in the upper right hand corner of the page, and like button directly below the article title!

3.  Once you have deciphered the clue and found the post that it refers to, you will see the next hint, which will be in purple text .  (If there is not purple text at the bottom, then YOU WERE WRONG.)  After you have found this entry, you have to email the link to jack@coolgizmotoys.com.  So, as you find each post, (there are a total of 10 clues, and 10 posts – the last post does not have a clue, because it is the last post.), email me the link.  This is so that I know you actually did it, and so that I can update the scoreboard and make other people worry that they will lose the game.  (A lot of you probably just lost “the game.”)

4.  You will also need to like each post that you find on Facebook in order to win the $50.  Not that hard, and definitely worth the cash.

The first two people to solve all of the clues will be entered to win the $50!


1.  Josh C. (10 Posts Found!) FIRST WINNER!

2.  Shawn P. (10 Posts Found!) SECOND WINNER!

3.  Nafisa W. (4 Posts Found!)

4.  Cary R. (3 Posts Found!)

5.  Humza K. (1 Post Found!)

6.  Jack F. (1 Post Found!)

So, without any further ado, the first clue:


Find it, you will, in a tasty treat.