Zombie Shopping Mall Experience Arms You With Airsoft Guns

The Zombie Mall Experience is really the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of.  And by crazy, I mean I just might be lunatic enough to do it.  And, since I don’t listen to my mom and I hang out with like-minded individuals, other forty year old men who live with their moms, I bet I could find 14 other friends to do it with.


zombie mall experience


A trip into the abandoned Reading Shopping Center, which is filled with loads and loads of actor zombies, will cost you $223 for a four hour session.  (About one hour of briefing and three hours of killing zombies.)



You will be equipped with a new pair of undies, for when a zombie runs at you and tackles you (they are allowed to do this), and a sweet airsoft rifle that you can use to take down the undead before they eat your brains.  (Don’t worry, nobody is actually eating anyone here, it’s all in good, un-clean, very messy fun.)  You and your group will go through a series of video game-like missions and will be assisted by a police squad of staff.  There is also a snack bar for when you get hungry.

The Zombie Mall Experience is located in Berkshire, in the U.K., so all Americans are excluded unless they can fly across the pond.  If you want to get tickets, visit the buy link below, but you better hurry – times are selling out extremely fast!  Also, the mall they’re holding it in is scheduled for demolition, so the experience could end on any given day.  “WITH PEOPLE INSIDE??”  No, you moron, but they’ll stop having the zombie event.

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