Toast Air Freshener Geeky Product Review

toast air freshener


Shout out to LIVINGRoyal for providing me with the delicious Toast Air Freshener, which smells better than the easter egg breakfast I am eating at this very moment.  Not to dis the air freshener, but my breakfast is a couple of withered up old people microwavable waffles that curled up when I heated them.  But, it’s alright, because now I can close my eyes and pretend like I’m eating wonderful morning toast air fresheners!  “What?”  *Bites air freshener*  I CAN FIGHT THROUGH THE PAIN

Toast Air Freshener

The Toast Air Freshener is super super super super super cheap.  (Very inexpensive, I assure you.)  If you can’t afford this $1 item, then you probably can’t afford the internet connection you’re using.  “I’m on public Wi-Fi.”  Then you probably can’t afford the computer you are using.  “I stole it from someone who left it out when they went to the bathroom.”  Then you’re probably a criminal.  “OBJECTION!”  Objection SUSTAINED!  Mr. Kieffer, keep things relevant to the post.

Now that you know I have multiple personality disorder, let’s all take a deep breath and breathe in the smell of warm buttery toast.  My next invention: device that transmits smells over the internet.  It would be useful, and we could troll the world with bad smells if we hired a couple of hackers.

If you want to pick up the Toast Air Freshener and take it on a date, then just visit the buy link below.  If you’d rather take me on a date (and pay for both of our meals) then you should visit the Cupcake Air Freshener post and the article on the Bacon Air Freshener.


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