Geeky Memes of The Week #4


Yay!  Another Geeky Memes of The Week post!  ”No one even likes this.”  BE EXCITED BEFORE I END YOU.  Take a look at these four - count them – four geeky memes that will make you throw up a lung.  ”You mean laugh up a lung.”  No, throw up a lung, because I gave you spoiled mayonnaise in those appetizers you ate.  ”WHAT??”  THAT’S FOR BEING A TROLL, MAN IN MY CONSCIENCE.

geeky meme


Count Von Count for the win!  He’s the best, and if you haven’t seen that video where they conveniently bleep out his counting, you need to watch it.  I usually don’t like the Raptor, but combined with Sesame Street, anything is better.  Also, Sesame Seeds, which taste like nothing, but always make food more delicious.

geeky meme


This one is great for any internet users – if you have a computer, and you’re reading this, you know this feeling.  It’s a truth of life.

geeky meme


This is my favorite of these geeky memes, just because the epic face combined with the epic hand pointing makes an epic photo.  War call from a baby?  AWESOME.

geeky meme


I don’t know about you guys, but this cat is making a pretty good point.  I sit on my computer all the time, and it really warms you up!  Like a heating pad!

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