Geek Clock Gives Time An Aspect Of Exclusivity: Product Review

geek clock


Geek Clock

The Geek Clock makes it so that only your closest, most intelligent friends will be able to tell the time.  Before the Geek Clock came along, everyone who stepped into your house had the leisure of looking at your clocks and being able to tell the time, and most of them also knew the combination to the padlock you put on your bathroom door.  (What?)  Now, only the most sophisticated geeky individuals (or the ones that can count the lines) will be able to read the time.  This is a great option if you’re looking for Fathers Day gifts, geeks!

And, guys, don’t even bother having anyone over at seven o’clock at night, because it will spark a fire that you don’t want to be lit – the most dreaded discussion among math geeks.  The Tyrannosaurus Rex of math discussions – the discussion about .9 repeating.  For all of you haters out there who hate on me because I don’t believe that .9 repeating equals one, I just want to say thanks!  “You’re a moron – how many times do I need to show you that 1/3 * 3 = 1, and that 1/3 is .3 repeating?”  LALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!  *Closes eyes and runs into the doorframe*

The Geeky Clock is one of the  many cool geeky gifts from Uncommon Goods that we feature here on Cool Gizmo Toys, and it would go great in any office!  Sure, we have plenty of childish desk toys that fling spiky balls at people, but those are only good for so long until you get fired. (If you’re still interested in those kinds of desk toys because you’re a bit mischievous, click here.


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