F-86 Great Planes RC Jet Is The Lightest Of Its Kind

f-86 rc jet


F-86 RC Jet is Light!

Remote control jets haven’t always been the best – they’ve been known for a lack of maneuverability, and  helicopters have really gained more popularity among hobby enthusiasts.  Fortunately for geeky jet enthusiasts, the F-86 Great Planes RC Jet just might change that.  This plane is the lightest remote control jet in the world, weighing in at a measly 2.35 ounces!

With this incredibly light speed, the F-86 can easily make quick turns, DO A BARREL ROLL, and DO ANOTHER BARREL ROLL!  (What my house sounds like when I play Star Fox.)  Weight was cut by adding an extremely light lithium battery as well as using different material to create the chassis.  If you’re looking for an RC jet, then this is definitely for you!

The Great Planes F-86 RC Jet is $140, a lot cheaper than some remote control planes out there, but has a battery life of only 4.5 minutes.  (OUTRAGE.)  To cure your horrible case of outrage, sir, I would like to remind you that this craft does fly at speeds of up to 43 mph.  “43 mph? ” Yes, 43 mph.  “So, you’re saying that I could fly this thing 43 miles in an hour?”  Well, no, because of its battery life.  “So you’re a liar.”  No… “DON’T TALK TO ME, LIAR.”  I’m not lying – “EVERY TIME YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH IT’S LIKE YOU’RE COVERING MY FACE IN LIES!”

If you’d like to buy this awesome plane, just visit the link below!  Or, if you’re looking for more RC planes, check out the Firebird Commander RC Plane and the Champ RTF RC Plane.