DJ Cat Scratching Pad Geeky Product Review

The DJ Cat Scratching Pad, which was provided to me by Uncommon Goods, is the coolest way to make your feline “hip,” as the cool kids say.  DJ-ing has always been considered to be near the top of the totem pole when it comes to being a boss, so why not give your cat the opportunity to become the next Skrillex or Deadmau5?  “Hey, who’s the lead singer of that band Deadmau-five?”  I think you are purposely being a moron, so I will ignore you.  “I have enough dead mouses anyway, what with my cat going through a rather predatory stage.”


dj cat scratching pad


DJ Cat Scratching Pad Review

This cat scratch pad is great for people looking for Fathers Day gifts, since tons of dads like cats, and for those adorable kitties who need to stretch their muscles and use their claws.  (Hint for cat owners who know nothing about cats: all cats need to scratch things, and if you don’t want your couch to be in shreds, get the DJ Cat Scratching Pad.)  The arm of the turntable is posable, and the actual turntable spins like a real one!  No, it doesn’t make any music, but listening to your cat make horrible music for hours on end wouldn’t be pleasant, so I see this as a benefit.


The above is a video of a cat rather angrily playing with the DJ Cat Scratch Pad – this is proof that, despite the fact it is made entirely of wood and cardboard, it is structurally sound.  (Remember that this awesome invention isn’t a desk toy, and that you can’t bring your cat to work.  YES, some of you needed to be reminded.)  Yes, you need to assemble it when it comes in the mail, but assembly is easy and the product comes with a great instruction manual that makes putting the DJ Cat Scratch Pad together very simple.

You can buy the DJ Cat Scratching Pad at the link below for $35, or you can check out some more cool geeky gifts like the Geek Clock!

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