Avengers Eye Makeup Designs For Geeky Girls

Makeup is boring to me, since I am a man, and the last time I cared at all about the stuff was when I watched a video on how Jim Carrey covered his body entirely in green fur to become The Grinch in that one movie.  Can’t remember what it was called.  “The Grinch?”  No, that wasn’t it.  Something… more Christmas-y.  Starts with a G. “The Grinch.”  Still not quite right.  You’re close though.  It’s on the tip of my tongue.

The Avengers Eye Makeup Designs are the only form of makeup that doesn’t make me feel insecure about myself.  I will post about this, and I will feel manly doing so.  C’mon, it’s The Avengers.

Avengers Eye Makeup

avengers eye makeup designs


These are all pretty great Avengers Eye Makeup Designs, but the Captain America one really takes the cake!  “Yeah, because he’s one of you fat, food-loving Americans.”  Tell me, my British friend, do you not love our food?  Do you not need the proper sustenance to maintain your rather rotund figure?  That’s what I thought.  *Shoves entire funnel cake in mouth*

The Avengers movie is coming out soon, and I hope that you guys and gals are ready with your cosplays!  Nothing like a good bout of spandex and face paint to get a man ready for a midnight premier, amiright?  AMIRIGHT?  “Boo!  BOOOOO!”  You!  You don’t come by my shop!  I remember your face!  “Get off the stage, creep!”  I will take these tomatoes and feed them to my family!  You!  I like tomatoes, so the joke is on you!  I WILL TAKE THESE VEGETABLES TO ISENGARD.

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