Apple Cologne Smells Like The Unwrapping Of New Apple Products

You don’t really care about smelling great for the ladies – as long as you don’t reek of day-old sweat, you’re cool with whatever scent you happen to be rockin’ that day.  The Apple Cologne is for the geeks who relish that wonderful smell of unwrapping a neatly packaged, brand new piece of Apple technology.  I’ve been told that this packaging has a very distinct smell that Apple fans recognize, but I never noticed.  I was probably to worried about paying the rent now that I just spent a couple thousand dollars on a new Apple computer.


apple cologne


The Apple Cologne is by Air Aroma, who was given a rather odd project by an undisclosed client: to create a scent that closely resembled the un-packaging of a brand new Apple product.  They were sent, by this client, a brand new Apple computer, and their best “aroma scientists” opened the box and took notes on what they smelled.  (Sounds like a fun job to me.)  They then worked with other scientists to try to isolate these smells by using other materials, and eventually came up with the perfect formula for all Apple geeks!

The company does not plan on selling the Apple Cologne, but perhaps if we nag them enough, they will give in.  “Like your wife nags you?”  Exactly.  It’s like, “wash the dishes.  Wash the dishes.  Wash the dishes.  Wash the dishes.”  AND I JUST WANT TO EXPLODE … – “What are you saying about me?”  Nothing, hun.  “Did you do the dishes yet?”  I AM GOING TO DIE.

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