8 of the Lamest Video Game Endings Ever

There are few things worse than dedicating hours of your life, attention, and finger dexterity to a video game only to get to the end and be enormously disappointed.  It feels like being robbed of sweet victory, and it amounts to having your built-up expectations shattered by lame video game endings.

Lame Video Game Endings

lamest video game endings


Be forewarned that the following list is a compilation of plot-spoilers, but also know that these plots were spoiled long before this list was ever written.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault



After days of fighting Nazis in Africa and France, being challenged by enemies who become increasingly clever in their assaults, and completing nearly thirty levels, this game ends on a flat note.  One would expect a game with such nuanced graphics and detailed landscapes to at least attempt some sort of cinematic end sequence; but no.  All we get is an ‘objective complete’ message and a fade to credits.

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Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty



MGS2 has a complex storyline, awesome fight sequences, and phenomenally realistic graphics.  But the ending so overdone and moralistic that it is almost laughable.  Its attempt to suddenly assert a serious highbrow philosophical discussion is comically undercut by its whiney protagonist warrior and the president’s snake arms.

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Halo 2



Seriously?  That’s how it ends?  Really?  You create what is arguably the greatest game ever, make us play it religiously for days at a time without bathroom breaks or eating, and then you end it just when it gets to the best part and we are most amped up for the final battle.  “Finishing the fight” my ass.

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Silent Hill 3



This has to be some sort of record. Not only does this game end badly, it ends badly in three different ways.  The first is corny and overly cute, the second is unbelievable, and the third, well, the third is just downright bizarre, in a bad way.

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Half Life 2



The Half Life series sucks you in.  You battle zombies, tripods, aliens, and forces trying to obliterate humanity.  It is awesome.  But then, just as you get to the good part, just when the major fighting seems about to begin and you are backed into a corner, zip, you get sucked out to safety while your friend is left to die.  Wait, weren’t you supposed to save the day?

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As you might expect, there isn’t much of an ending for a game like skate.  Basically you just make the cover of Thrasher magazine.  What makes it so much worse though, is that Skate 2 begins with your skater in jail.  So….um…what happened?

(There’s no video for this one, because, well, the game has no ending—it’s that bad.)





This game has a brilliantly creepy and disturbing plotline.  It is beautifully made and has a great ending.  Only it keeps going after the confrontation with Ryan, which is where it ought to end.  When it is finally wrapped up in two terrible alternate endings, all the life has already gone out of it.

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Grand Theft Auto 2



This one is just shameless laziness on the part of the designers.  Not that the game itself is all that focused on plot anyway, but come on.  At least give us something.  We have been running drugs, killin’ cops, roughin’ up gangsters, and driving like maniacs for hours and hours, only to walk into a building and suddenly arrive back at the title screen.  Game complete.  The end.  Are you kidding?

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As you can see, the best things can often be easily ruined by the worst endings. So you can at least be spared the agony of reading a long one here. The end.

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