17 Geeky TARDIS Cakes To Satisfy Your Hunger For Time Travel

TARDIS is the beloved blue, time-traveling phone booth of Doctor Who.  LET’S EAT IT.  (This is the thinking of Americans such as myself.)  So, in concordance with my hungry thoughts, I have decided to write a post that will not only satisfy the hunger of your rumbling tummy, but will also satisfy your desire to become as cool as Doctor Who.  (The British one, you American posers.)

Check out these 17 geeky TARDIS cakes and let me know what you think in the comments!

TARDIS Cake That Lights Up

geeky tardis cakes


The TARDIS Light Up Cake is pretty cool – not only is the actual build impressive, but the guy even bothered to put a working light on the inside.  That’s called extra credit where I come from!  “That’s also called getting stuffed in lockers for being a sycophant at school.”  True, true.

Lying Down TARDIS Birthday Cake

geeky tardis cakes


This TARDIS Cake is lying down – very different from many of geeky Doctor Who cakes on this list.  Kind of looks like they’re all staring at the stars – that guy, that lady, and that phonebooth.  Or watching the clouds – that one looks like a cloud!  And that one looks like a cloud!  Come to think of it… they all look like clouds.  NATURE IS LAME.

TARDIS Cake By Girl On The Moon

geeky tardis cakes


This TARDIS Cake baked by Girl On The Moon is on a beautiful glass platter.  “That’s all you have to say about it?”  Yep.  “This lady spent hours baking a beautiful cake, and you only talk about the platter.”  I can’t find my contacts.  Where are my contacts?  “HOW OLD ARE YOU, LIKE 5000?”

50th Birthday TARDIS Cake

tardis cake


This TARDIS cake by Spinnando is very impressive, and a happy fiftieth birthday to Paul!  Yeah!  The big 5-0!  “Where?”  No – “GOTTA RUN FROM THE PO-LICE, MAN.”  There’s no – “I’VE DONE THINGS – WHERE’S YOUR BROOM CLOSET.”

TARDIS Cake By Verusca

tardis cake


This geeky cake baked by Verusca is great because of the grass beneath the TARDIS.  Doctor Who doesn’t just walk on emptiness – he keeps his lawn well cultivated, and this cake reflects that.

TARDIS Cake For Daniel’s Birthday

tardis cake


This TARDIS Birthday Cake is very starry, and gives off a very interstellar kind of feel.  Happy birthday, Daniel!  “Stop talking to my kid, you weirdo.”  Man, you can’t even be nice to people anymore.  Tried to give out these extra Snicker bars I had lying around, and was beaten up by more than one old woman.

TARDIS Cake Surrounded By Weird Looking Gummies

tardis cake


This geeky TARDIS cake is covered by oddly colored gummy bears which make the cake look less appetizing.  The scarf is undoubtedly a wonderful touch, however.

UPDATE:  I was too much of a numbskull to recognize these as jelly babies when I put the post together, which makes this cake much cooler than it was prior to my epiphany!

Doctor Zongo?

geeky tardis cake


This delectable baked good was created by Doctor Zongo, who has a wonderful name.  It’s just so fun to say – like Francisco.  Francisco.  Fran-cisco.  “STOP MAKING ELF REFERENCES, NOBODY LIKES YOU.”

TARDIS Looks Romantic

tardis cake


This TARDIS cake looks rather romantic, and it doesn’t really have that birthday feel – the candles and glasses are too fancy.  But, regardless, this TARDIS cake is well put together.


tardis birthday cake


This standard birthday TARDIS cake is very standard.  And says DAVID in all caps.  Love it.

RozDeMinion Made a TARDIS Cake

tardis cake


This TARDIS cake by RozDeMinion is one of my favorites, because it looks fuzzy – I just want to rub my face all over it!  “You moron – you ruined our cake!!!”  Just – just eat it off of my face – here, let me get that for you.  *Smears face on a paper plate*

Doctor Who TARDIS Cake On A Hill

doctor who tardis cake


This TARDIS cake on a hill is cooler than all of the other geeky TARDIS cakes because it is on a swirly, heart-filled hill.  Hurray, sediment build-up!  SCIENCE!  CAVE JOHNSON!

Realistic TARDIS Cake

tardis cake


This TARDIS cake is one of my favorites, because somehow the frosting gives off strange shadows that make the phonebooth seem especially special.  You know – that smell… that smelly smell…. that smell that smells…. smelly.  “ANCHOVIES!”  No, those fries I left out for a couple of days in my car.  “You ruined the reference.”

TARDIS Cake Plus Cupcakes

tardis cupcakes


This TARDIS cake and cupcake combo is amazing, because cupcakes are amazing.

TARDIS and Dalek Cake

tardis cake


This TARDIS and Dalek cake combo is doubly geeky – the killer robot thing is a nice touch.  “You mean Dalek.”  Yeah, that’s what I said.  Again, the grass is wonderful.

Creme De La Creme: Geeky TARDIS Cakes

tardis cake


This TARDIS cake is truly the cream of the cream of the cream – the top of the cream of the cream – the best of the best – the Terrel Owens of cakes – the Rush Limbaugh of politics.  “Nobody even likes him.”  Fine, bad example.

Planetary Explosion TARDIS Cake

tardis cake


This planetary explosion TARDIS cake is the perfect one to end on.  What’s cooler than exploding planets?  NOTHING.  Alderaan, FACE MY WRATH WITH DIGNITY.  *Blows up planets*

Make Your Own Geeky Tardis Cake

No, seriously! Show us your skills.  Go to Amazon, buy a Dr. Who Tardis Mold or Cake Pan, an edible Tardis cake topper, make the cake and show it to us!  We aren’t talented enough to do it ourselves, so we want to live vicariously through your Dr. Who masterpieces!