13 House Shaking Dubstep Remixes Of Geeky Songs

Dubstep is that new “hip” music that has the power to shake your entire house with the force of its ridiculous bass.  It is also the source of countless jokes about dropping the bass, but I’m going to show you how dubstep can help you, a geek, with these 13 amazing, house shaking dubstep remixes of geeky songs.  Star Wars, Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Doctor Who, they’re all here!  Enjoy!

Star Wars Imperial March Dubstep Remix



This geeky dubstep remix of the Star Wars Imperial March is wonderful because it adds an element of dubstep to the classic Imperial March song without losing the song’s ability to be easily recognized.  Also, famous clips from the movies are included in the song, and the WUBWUBWUB kind of sounds like lightsabers, if you listen hard enough.

Arion Pokemon Theme Dubstep Remix



Arion’s Pokemon Theme dubstep remix is great, and it has a ton of views on YouTube, but I don’t like the drop on this as much as I like it on other songs on this list.  The Pikachu portion of the song is pretty epic for all geeks, though – impressive.  Not as impressive as my biceps, but close.  *biceps sag to my knees*

Poke Step Dubstep Compilation



This geeky Pokemon Dubstep Compilation features songs from the Sapphire and Ruby versions, as well as others.  While Arion’s mix was of one song, this is a compilation of different recognizable themes from the game, and the product is a pretty cool thing to listen to.  Also, my voice, which sounds like a chorus of beautiful meadowlarks.  “Yeah, if they’re all in intense pain.”

Gerudo Valley Legend of Zelda Dubstep Remix



The Gerudo Valley geeky Legend of Zelda Dubstep Remix is my favorite geeky song remix on this list.  Both because the dubstep drop is awesome and because Gerudo Valley was always my favorite song in the Zelda games.  Jumping off of that bridge into the water?  Did it hundreds of times just because I thought it was epic.  Having to walk all the way up to the top again?  Less epic, but worth the trouble.

Lost Woods Legend of Zelda Dubstep Remix



The Lost Woods geeky Legend of Zelda Dubstep Remix was made by the same guy, Ephixa, who made the Gerudo remix.  It’s the most popular of these geeky dubstep remixes, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.  If everyone else does, and you don’t, then that’s just because you’re strange.  “No, I have unique taste.”  Nope.  Just strange.

Super Mario Geeky Dubstep Remix




The Super Mario geeky dubstep remix was honestly too much bass for me to handle.  The sound is so hardcore that my speakers just imploded and set my house on fire.  It was ridiculous, and very dangerous.  I feel like Mario should have gotten a much less intense song – he’s not that crazy.

Windows Startup Sequence Dubstep Remix



The Windows Startup Sequence dubstep remix is for all of those people who are still stuck in the Neolithic era and use those machines created by Bill Gates.  This song is probably shorter than the time it takes you to start up your computer.  Being honest is easy when it comes to Windows software.  (If you can’t tell, I am an avid Mac user and Apple addict.  They control my mind.)

Metroid Prime Geeky Dubstep Remix



The Metroid Prime geeky dubstep remix is cool, but I was never really huge into the Metroid games, for whatever reason.  “Tell them why, or I will.”  Nope.  “He was scared of those giant sucking jellyfish things.”  WAS NOT.

Nyan Cat Dubstep Remix



The Nyan Cat Dubstep Remix is even better than the original, and the original had me sitting at my computer for hours!  I noticed that every second I sat at my computer, I would beat my old high score at the Nyan Cat game.  Weird, huh?  “Story of my life.”  You don’t have one, silly YouTuber.

Mortal Kombat Dubstep Remix


The Mortal Kombat Dubstep Remix is great to listen to while you beat the living daylights out of some guy on Xbox Live with Sub Zero.  Complete with heavy drops and clips of screaming characters, this geeky dubstep remix is pretty awesome.

Doctor Who Theme Dubstep Remix


The Doctor Who Theme geeky dubstep remix is very different from what you’d expect, so I think it is worth a listen.  Not as good as some of the other tracks, but still solid.  Too melancholy for me, though.

Elder Scrolls Dubstep Remix



The Elder Scrolls Dubstep Remix oozes Skyrim from its pores.  Some of this is a re-orchestration of the song, and the other parts are dubstep – a great combination, if you ask me.  This is one of my favorites on this list just because it sounds more professional than some of the other remixes.

Portal 2 Turret Error Dubstep Remix



The Portal 2 Turret Error geeky dubstep remix is not extremely related to Portal, but it does have a couple of clips from the video game with those evil turrets saying “error” and what-not.  A good way to end the list, but surely not as impressive as ZeldaStep, which still tops the list in my mind.  “They were both made by Ephixa.”  Hush.