Top 14 Geeky Bandages To Heal Your Wounds


This list of the Top 14 Geeky Bandages gives you the most stylish products to help you get yourself into tip-top shape both physically and socially.  A true geek is not content walking around with those bland beige pieces of latex on his skin – a true geek needs things like cupcake bandages, monkey bandages, and bacon strip bandages to get him up in the morning.  Don’t settle for less, and enjoy this list of geeky bandages!

Macaroni And Cheese Geeky Bandages

geeky bandages


The Macaroni and Cheese Bandages are a rather deliciously delightful way to make sure that your cut does not become infected and ooze green slime.  ”My injuries always do that.”  (If you get the reference, you are my friend.)  These bandages are covered in images of that delicious, cheesy pasta that we all loved as kids, and still love now.  The set of 15 bandages and the collectible tin is just $5.

Pac-Man Ghost Bandages

geeky bandages


The Pac-Man Ghost Bandages are extremely retro, extremely pixelated, and very geeky.  This geeky product includes the tin, 15 band-aids of three different designs, and a couple of good wishes from those who love you.  Actually, the last one isn’t in there, but it won’t help you heal anyway.  These bandages are just $4.

Hello Kitty Geeky Bandages

geeky bandages


The Hello Kitty Bandages give one more point to those crazy cat lovers: they prove that kitties can do more than lick your wounds and get them infected with their saliva.  Thanks, red cross version of Hello Kitty!  This tin of 15 bandages is $4.

Mustache Bandages

geeky bandages


The Mustache Bandages give a use besides attracting all of the ladies to the yard to that wonderfully attractive tuft of hair that grows on the upper lip of a man.  No bandage is geekier than that which has the depiction of a mustache branded upon its midsection – may honor be given to you, piece of latex.  $4

Cupcake Bandages

geeky bandages


The Geeky Cupcake Bandages cover up your painfully disconcerting injuries with a delightfully pleasant frosted good!  Yum!  Blue, pink, and white frosting cover the twelve different geeky bandages in this tin, which will only cost you $5.

Crime Scene Bandages

geeky bandages


The Crime Scene Bandages make sure that no unauthorized employee is trying to get your cut infected.  These days, it’s best to keep your friends really far away and your enemies closer because you don’t want to give your friends your terrible case of bronchitis.  Your enemies?  They probably deserve it.  These bandages are $5.

Geeky Underpants Bandages

geeky bandages


The Underpants Bandages are very quirky indeed…. they almost border on being completely ridiculous.  But, I would wear them.  Does that say something about the judgment being passed by society, or the fact that I’m a complete moron?  Probably both.  The tighty-whitey underwear bandages are $5.

Toast Bandages

geeky bandages


The Toast Bandages look surprisingly realistic, but not buttery enough for my taste.  I love the toast that’s golden, like the bread shown above, but completely slathered in melted butter – to the point where you’re getting grease stains on your paper plate.  Yummm…. And then, three hours later, you’re vomiting and wondering why you feel so terribly.  These bandages are GREAT!  Also, $5.

SPAM Geeky Bandages

geeky bandages


The SPAM Geeky Bandages are everyone’s worst nightmare.  SPAM is that strange meat that is half jello, half balogna, and half who knows what.  ”That makes 3/2.”  That’s how weird this stuff is, dude – you’ve obviously never had it.

Pickle Bandages

geeky bandages


The Pickle Bandages look too realistic for my taste.  Don’t forget that these bandages don’t have that signature sour and sweet taste – they taste like rubber and will make your taste buds cry, which will make your mouth taste like salt.

Happy Bunny Geeky Bandages

geeky bandages


The Happy Bunny Bandages have hilarious sarcastic sayings on them that will cheer you up during your recovery.  Things like “your pain makes me happy” just brighten my day.  Don’t you agree, Jerry?  ”I hope you get locked in a closet and never come out.”  See, me and Jerry are on the same page.  *Rejects friendly back-pat*

Super Mario Bros. Bandages

geeky bandages


The Super Mario Bros. Bandages are great – the three different designs display the evil venus fly trap plant monster, the goomba, and the flying bullet that always impales me.  Good thing I got that extra 1-Up in level 1-1.

Bacon Strip Geeky Bandages

geeky bandages


The Bacon Strip Geeky Bandages are awesome!  They look very much like bacon strips and bring a new meaning to putting meat on an injury.  Take the high tech route – use a Geeky Bacon Strip Bandage.

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