The Better Bacon Book for iPad

the better bacon book ipad


The Better Bacon Book is an e-book that is right up the alley of most geeks.  Bacon is delicious, but the majority of us can’t reach the full potential of bacon, because we don’t know what to teach our meat – how to raise it to become the doctor of its future generation.

Well, thankfully, there are some master bacon parents who have created The Better Bacon Book, which has everything you need to get your bacon started in the right direction.  This e-book for iPad is stuffed full with bacon: it has 20 HD videos, 150 high resolution photos, and 31 original recipes, all of which are meant to help you do something bacon-related.


the better bacon book for ipad


The Better Bacon Book will help you get educated about your favorite food, so that you can prepare it in unique ways that will please your guests and give you a self-confidence you’ve never had before.

(That’s a bit of a stretch, but so was the fact that you could buy flying turtles on the black market, and that turned out to be true.)  *Turtle flutters past*  Get back in the parenthetical right now!  You know that your existence is illegal!  Bad!  Bad flying turtle!

If you’re looking to buy this geeky bacon book for $5, just head on over to iTunes at the buy link below.  If you’d rather look at more crazy products, check out the Bacon Lollipops With Bacon Bits and the Top 16 Geeky Bacon Gifts.


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