Tekno Black Light Bubbles

glowing black light bubbles


The Tekno Black Light Bubbles from ThinkGeek aren’t your ordinary floating spheres of happiness – these specially created bubble solutions are much more fun to play with!  These glowing bubbles are great for places that have giant blacklights – nightclubs (though you’ll be shunned as weird) and Lazer Tag places are prime examples of locations at which you can blow your Tekno Black Light Bubbles.

Watch them float like normal bubbles, and glow like that radioactive goo that made Daredevil extremely awesome!  So, moral of the story – son’t avoid biohazards, seek them out.  You probably have the same chances of dying as turning into a superhero, so what have you got to lose?  Go on a long Trek down by the Nile river, and the odds all point to the next super strong alligator man.

glowing black light bubbles


The neon green container of bubble fluid produces growing blue bubbles, and the orange holding cell (ha) produces glowing orange bubbles.  Why don’t they show the orange ones?  Nobody knows.  All of those scholars are still licking their Tootsie Pops, confused at the fact that they are all taking different amounts of licks to reach the center.  A tube of the Tekno Black Light Glowing Bubbles is just $4, but the black light that you will need to rent for your next party is going to cost a lot more than that.

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