TARDIS Doctor Who iPod Skin

tardis doctor who ipod skin


The TARDIS Doctor Who iPod Skin is a custom-made vinyl cover for your iPod Touch that turns it into a time-space-continuum-traveling-phone-booth when you just paste on the cover.  Note that the skin looks much more awesome than it actually is because the person has set their lock screen to the TARDIS.  No, the Japanese have not (yet) come up with an ingenious way to put a skin on your screen, but be assured that they will.  And then, who knows where their reign of geeky tyranny will end?  They’ve already infiltrated global markets with their super strange and very helpful Japanese Ice Spray.

The TARDIS Doctor Who iPod Skin is homemade, and you can find it over on Etsy at the buy link below.  But, act fast grasshopper, because you’re about to get stomped by my combat boot there’s only one left.  And only one right, unless you’re one of those creepy octopus guys with more than two arms.  Then there’s a whole myriad of directions you can point without moving your body, and a good chance that you’ll be able to levitate by spinning really fast in a circle.  And shoot ink out of your eyeballs.

If you’re looking for more TARDIS products, check out this list of the Top 14 Geeky Easter Eggs, which has a Doctor Who build if I am not mistaken.  Also, check out the Ride-In Dalek.


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