Silicone Dinosaur Chocolate Mold

silicone dinosaur chocolate mold


The Silicone Dinosaur Chocolate Mold lets you create tiny chocolate dinos with a couple of food-grade silicone trays.  “Well, thank GOD I didn’t buy those non-food-grade silicone trays I saw at the store this morning.”

What am I supposed to say?  Some people don’t catch on as quickly as you do to these kinds of things.  I had to hide the Windex because the man in my cabinet kept drinking it with the Effervescent Bacon Tabs.  “Did you call the police?”  No, it’s fine – he didn’t drink very much of it.  “No, I mean, there’s…. I’m just going to look the other way on this one.”

Just listen for cars then, because I wouldn’t want you to get hit when you’re jaywalking.  At least, not when you’re still close to my house – I have to pick up a couple of sandwiches for me and the homeless guy I was telling you about.


silicone chocolate dinosaur mold


The Silicone Chocolate Dinosaur Mold is just $9, and lets you create the adorable little creatures shown above.  Just remember to eat them before they come to life and attack your cat.  If you don’t chew, they’ll get digested before the undead awakens them.

Oh – wait – that was a cockroach.  Never mind – disregard the previous few sentences, but do go buy some Raid-X so I can kill them.  Turn off the lights… take off the shoe…. WHACK!  *Breaks a picture*  GRAMMA WHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE AN INSECT?  “I think we’ve drunken too much Windex tonight, just put down the shoe.”  *slumps and walks to the bedroom* 

If you’d like to buy this geeky chocolate mold, visit the buy link below.  If you’d rather look at some more geeky molds, check out the Giant Gummy Bear Jello Mold and the Heart Gelatin Mold.


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