Pickle Bottle Stopper


pickle bottle stopper


The Pickle Bottle Stopper is a geeky way to close up your wine bottles when you’re not using them to preserve the freshness.  It’s also helpful for wine bottles that have wine in them.  (What?)  This bottle stopper is shaped like a pickle, our third favorite food here at Cool Gizmo Toys – the first two being cupcakes and bacon.

Don’t buy extra corks or try to use old ones; when the bottle’s not being used, just stick a green, bumpy pickle in it.  There’s not much else you can do with this geeky product that doesn’t involve using it as a blunt weapon, but it may be a relief to waste money on something that’s actually useful, unlike many of the things I try to get you to buy.  Like the Giant Gummy Cola Bottle – who needs that?  Nobody.

The Pickle Bottle Stopper is available for $8 from Perpetual Kid, and if you’re interested, just click on the BUY link below.  If you’re looking for more weird products, check out the Emergency Inflatable Rubber Chicken and the Mustache Snow Globe.


BUY Pickle Bottle Stopper at Perpetual Kid

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    Hi Jack, if you’re a fan on the pickle and find it geekly, please go and check out our bottle stoppers (Caps Lock) which are really really geeky. I can also send you our press releases as they come out so you’re aware of our new stuff. Thanks, Maria

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