Nothing Makes A Tea Party Like A Geeky Coaster

So you’ve probably already got your extensive tea set. Who hasn’t? Floral tea pot? Check. Matching tea cups? Check. Matching sugar bowl and milk jug? Check and check! Not to mention the cake plates, the cake slice and those special forks with the conjoined prongs on one side that make it look like a little nuclear mutant fork baby. You’ve got everything that any discerning tea guest could possibly require… but wait. Something is wrong.

You can’t put your finger on what’s missing until you hand your guest a cup of tea. They look at the table and then back at you with a lost expression, and then the realization hits you. It’s the worst thing that could happen: you have no coasters … no geeky coasters. Well, that’s it then. They’ll just have to go home, won’t they? Tea party over. No tea party in the world is good enough to warrant ring stains on your coffee table. But you just know your guest is going to bad mouth you all over town now. Everyone will know you totally suck at taking afternoon tea and BAM, just like that; your reputation is in tatters.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. If only you’d done a little research, you’d have found just the right coasters for you, and you’d still have the respect of all of your tea party chums.

Here’s a list of the five best geeky coasters so that you can build your reputation once more and serve tea like a champ.

Space Invaders Geeky Coasters

Nothing says ‘I can host a vintage tea party’ like a space invaders coaster. That’s a true fact right there.


geeky coasters


These pixelated beauties are each made up of over 200 tiny wooden cubes, and are available from Etsy. The mix of retro video game imagery with polished wooden home ware is sure to give you a level of sophistication that no amount of discussing the stock market or the intricacies of the social issues raised by the Kony 2012 campaign could bring. The coasters are also infinitely more interesting than either of those things.


Floppy Disks Make A Geeky Coaster

geeky coaster


Depending on your age, you may remember using actual floppy disks as coasters. The hardcore geeks among us may now be collapsing into seizures at the very thought of doing such a thing, so these coasterised disks may not be for everyone. But for the more nonchalant geek, these are pretty neat.

Also, research has shown that people who own floppy disk coasters are generally happier, have more friends, and get invited to more parties. That’s not a true fact right there.


Shuriken Coasters

geeky coasters


Tea parties are notorious for being the perfect place for a ninja to sneak up on you. You’re relaxed, all full of tea and cake; you don’t have a care in the world. Right? Wrong! Now you can have tea and be ready for a ninja attack all at the same time with these Shuriken Coasters by Doug Best.

When she asks you for a coaster, nothing will impress a chick more than replying, “Oh, just put it down on my ninja throwing star.” Awwwww yeaaaahhh, is what she will undoubtedly say in response.


Cherry Pi Geeky Coaster

geeky coasters


What tea party is complete without a good dollop of wit? None is the answer. So you’ll be hailed as the most entertaining host in town with these Cherry Pi coasters.

Look! It’s a slice of pie with the Pi symbol on it! Your guests will be chortling long after they’ve left the party, that’s fo’ sho’. And if you buy the Blueberry Pi coasters for the next time they come round, you’ll make them chortle all over again, because Blueberry Pi humour is on a whole other level than Cherry.


Rubik’s Cube

geeky coasters


Rubik’s Cube chic is like so ‘in’ right now. It’s so ‘in’ that hardly anyone knows it yet. But just you wait; next year’s spring/summer fashion will be bursting with dresses that are cube shaped.

Be the first in your circle of friends to embrace Rubik’s Cube chic with these excellent coasters. Your friends may be dismissive at first, but in time they’ll see you for the forward-thinking trend-setter that you truly are.

Now that you’re well informed about what the world of drinks coasters has to offer a geek like you, you need never again fear local gossipers dissing your tea party hosting skills. Boo yeah.